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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Genting's Trip (GVC's club & Strawberry's Park. (Part 2)


This is a continuation from yesterday's entry.

When we arrived at Genting View Resort, it was only 10 o'clock. So, we decided to chill out in the apartment first before we went to GVC' club. My brother in-laws told us that the swimming pool was nice if we wanted to bring the children and spend some time there. By 11, we went to there and we were lucky that there were no other people who were using the pool when we arrived there.

Most of us decided to swim or at least take a dip in the pool except for me. Honestly, I can't swim and there were times when I almost get drowning when I was younger. Plus with my huge belly, I just wanted to rest at the side of the pool while taking some photos of my family members. My hubby's niece and nephew were quite afraid of water. They were just playing near the stairs and sometimes dip their feet in the water. My daughters really enjoyed themselves because they used their floats to help them swim. My youngest sister in-law also joined in with the kids. We stayed there until it was already noon and most of us were starving. We were so eager to go back to the apartment as my MIL and the others were on the way. They brought us the lunch!

After a satisfying and delicious lunch (rice, chicken curry, fried vermicelli and fried vegetables)  prepared by my MIL, we were quite sleepy. Most of us wanted to take a nap but my brother in-law suggested that we should check out the Strawberry Park in Gohtong Jaya. By 2 o'clock, most of us went to Strawberry Park (except for my MIL & FIL). It was about to rain when we left the apartment but we decided to go ahead with our plan because we found out that the park had a covered area.

When we arrived at Strawberry Park (not far from Seri Msia Hotel), it was raining like cats and dogs. Thankfully, they built up the park under the covered area and we could still pick up the strawberries under the heavy rain. We didn't need to pay for the admission as it was free. We only paid for the strawberries that we picked. Before we could go inside to pick, we were reminded (by the Bangladeshi's staff there) of certain rules:
1- Don't pick the green strawberries.  
2- Cut only the ripen strawberries.
3- Don't pluck the strawberry's flowers.

Each basket was for three people. I shared the basket with my daughters. My daughters were the ones who were so excited in picking the strawberries. I became the quality control manager for them because I made the decision whether they should pick up the strawberry or not. My brother in-laws shared the basket with his wife and kids and my eldest SIL shared the basket with her younger daughter. My BIL's clan finished picking first and they had to pay less than RM20. When we went out to pay, I already knew that it would be quite expensive. We had to pay RM28.65. My eldest SIL was the winner (hehe) because she had to pay RM33.89. 

After the picking, we proceeded to the other parts of the farm. However, we were quite surprised to see the never ending rows of shops along the way out. They purposely build up the shops starting with the eating place where people can buy strawberry ice cream, drink or strawberry and chocolate dip. We stopped for a while to eat ice creams and tried some hot drinks. The kids loved the ice creams and the adults loved the hot drinks. Well, actually I also bought the strawberry ice cream. I only tasted the hot strawberry chocolate that my hubby ordered. 

Before we could find the actual exit, we stopped at several shops like the souvenir shop, vegetables shop and the mushroom shop. We tried very hard to resist the temptations (or was it just me?) but we failed because we bought a lot of other things at several shops. When we passed the mushroom farm just before the mushroom shop, we couldn't really bare the smell. It was the smell that came from the fertilizer. By the time we left the park, it was still raining. But I guess the experience that we had was priceless especially for our kids. 

To be continued (hopefully tomorrow will be the last part. hehe)


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