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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Futsal Matches in Ampang Sports Planet : Let photos tell the story.


As I promised last Friday, I can share some photos of Futsal Matches between students in ELS,KL. It was the first time that we ever organized such games. The participation that we received was so overwhelming. They love to play Futsal even though most of them were quite clueless about the rules and regulations. We were also kind of amateur organizers and they were so many things that we didn't anticipate happen. Overall, the matches that took places in 3 courts for about 2 1/2 hours were quite okay. The little incident of almost a fist fight among Saudis and Iranians was managed to be settled by us. They were only 5 teachers including me at the venue to control about 70 students. I didn't stay until the last match because I had to leave early. But I managed to watch until the semi final matches. I was informed by my colleagues that the final match went smoothly. So, I can't tell you more since "pictures worth thousand words". Just look at the photos to get a little glimpse of what happened on that day.

p/s: I tried to upload more photos but the broadband was so sloe that I couldn't wait to upload more photos.


Aleyn said...

Happeningnyer....seumur hidup blum pernah main futsal lagi...hehhe

Affieza said...

Teacher xjoin sekali ke main futsal??? hehe...

Sitisifir10 said...

wow...mcm mana lah manage gaduh2 itu ya??

yatie chomeyl said...

sapo mene?

transformed housewife said...

Aleyn: sy pun tak main. jd penganjur je.

Affieza: ada sorang teacher yg main. teacher dr scotland.

Pijah: nasib baik kami dah ada pengalaman mcmmana nak leraikan budak2 arab & Iran ni. Naik suara dan mrah2 diaorg la jugak.

Tie: kump dari Saudi hok mene.