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Monday, June 27, 2011

BBQ's Birthday Party + Family Fun Day = Exciting Feast


We usually celebrate our family members' birthday by having a small feast with the other family members. I don't really go to the extend of inviting other people maybe because I'm so lazy to organize a big party. My daughters are used to it and they never ask for more. As Hafizah's birthday was on last Wednesday, we only had time to do something on Sunday.

The feast was a simple celebration where we prepared BBQ feast. I guess we love the having BBQ because we have been influenced by Kiwi culture. We started the feast at 3 p.m. since my hubby's siblings can only come in the afternoon. My hubby struggled to lit up the fire on the BBQ set. He took almost one hour! In the middle of that, the rain poured heavily and we had to cook under the porch! Once the rain stopped, the feast was on the full swing. The kids couldn't wait to dip into the pool. So, we filled up some water in the pop-up wading pool. While we were preparing the food, they had fun in the pool.

I was kind of running here and there just to get all the food out. I didn't even had the time to really sit and enjoy the food. I was also busy taking some photos of everybody since my hubby was the head chef. We also invited our next door neighbour. They came and joined us right before Hafizah (the birthday girl) cut the cake. Her carrot cake that had a clown was pretty simple. The cousins gathered around before the cake cutting ceremony. Hafizah didn't know what to do at first. So, I helped her to hold the knife and cut the cake with her. After  they had the taste on the cake, they went on to play with Hafizah's new birthday presents.

We (the adults) continued eating until we were really full. We also chatted and savour the strawberry jelly I made the day before. The feast ended in the evening when it was almost dark.

Here were some photos during the event:


Ummi Salsabila said...

biar kecil yang penting meriah kak.BBQ tu.mmg best! terliur..:)

yatie chomeyl said...

tingginya Lukman..lg tinggi dr Fizah deh

SyidaGorjes said...

happy belated birthday!
bestnye ada bbq.........ssslurp!

kakyong said...

hepi belated besday hafizah...

suka majlis mkn2 mcm ni.. nampak santai, tp tuan rumah sure busy tak hengat..

transformed housewife said...

ummi: mmg kami suka buat kecil2 je.

Tie: meme Luqman tinggi.

syida: sabar.. tak laa dah boleh makan mcm2. hehe

K.yong: kami suka majliss ringkas. buat mkn2 je pun.

Lizan said...

happy birthday hafizah,...moga membesar sebagai anak yang solehah yang mendoakan ibu bapa.... ps : mana gambar jeli stoberinya...heheh