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Monday, June 6, 2011

Being the best teacher means being the best actor?


A classroom is like a stage play,
The best actor should be the teacher,
Active students are the supporting actors,
The passive students are the spectators,

Everyday is a new play,
It can be rehearsed by the main actor (teacher),
BUT  the other supporting actors don't have their lines,
They have to be spontaneous and act naturally,
The spectators are just there to absorb whatever they can,

Who is the director?
Definitely the teacher again because she can play different roles,
All this while that's what people expect from her,
At the end no reward is going to be worthwhile,
Except for personal satisfaction and gratitude from her students.


yatie chomeyl said...

teacher ngaju dgn student ko ni?

Idayu said...

ya betol, kalu dlm kelas tuh cikgulah raja, cikgulah segalanya..berjaya or gagalkelas tuh pon ats tnggungjwb cikgu jugak..

p/s:cikgu kan lilin yg membakar diri:(

Hamizah said...

selamat berlakon..hr2 la jadi plakon dih?


eh dah tukar bannerla..betultak?? tq ye vote arief...