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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Would you still keep and consume expired food? For how long?


Few days ago I did some spring cleaning in the kitchen cabinets. I found quite a number of grocery items that were way past their expiry dates. Without any hesitation, I tossed out those items into the garbage bins. When my hubby found out about it, he said that I shouldn't do that.  He said that the expiry date is just a precaution measure taken by manufactures to ensure the freshness of the items. BUT I'm not so convinced. I have my own justifications on my action. First of all, I really want to make sure that no one will fall sick eating the expired food. Second, when I checked the expiry dates, most of them have been expired for more than six months or some even more than 2 years!. Third, I don't want to take any unwanted risk even though I've read  from some articles saying that expired food is still okay. I might be too conscious about this BUT it's better to be safe than sorry. RIGHT?

Now, my questions to those who are reading this entry:
1. Would you still keep expired food?
2. Would you consume or use expired food or items?
3. How long would you keep expired food or item?
4. Have you ever consumed any expired food before? Did something happen to you?



Nora said...

No is my answers for all the questions... makan yang tak expired pun boleh sakit perut... lagilahhhhh kalau dah expired...

CatlinaFly said...

hmm....kalau sy, last day tarikh tu, if masih ok(especially roti, kalau tak ok, dah nampak ade kulat hijau tu)...insya allah boleh mkn lagi.

tapi kan kak nur, ade satu artikel sy baca ni, ada beza antara

Use Before dan Best Use Before.

Kalau Use before tu, maknanye sama mcm expired by.

Kalau Best Use Before tu, maknanye, masih boleh dimakan beberapa tempoh masa after the date, tapi not as good as if used before that date..


kalu nak sene, just make sebelum expired date jah hehehe

dbalkis said...

Roti slalu boleh mkn lg kalau expired lg 2 3 hari. So far x sakit perot..:-)

yatie chomeyl said...

based on foo djugop kot. kalu rempoh ratus jenis kering gitu, ti bantai jah guno kalu expired

kalu makanan dlm tin tu sehari duo less than seminggu OK la kot..kalu roti meme tokleh la sebab ada kulat nanti kalu dh expired

Syigim said...

my mil mmg penjimat so she will keep any expired product esp rempah2 or rencah2/ketupat instant yg can be kept in fridge. bila nk guna br check look/smell/touch whether ok or not.

me too biase guna expired products, tp depends on the product, mcm fresh milk mmg terus buang if lepas tarikh luput. tp kalau perencah nasi goreng yg kena tumis, i will keep for a few weeks after duedate. tp check dulu before guna. :)

transformed housewife said...

thanks for all of your insights.

Nia said...

Saya makanan expired sehari pun saya buang kak. suami saya selalu bising..hehe..

yushida03 said...

so far roti kalu setakat 1 day expired tu selamba je makan, unless ada nampak kulat.

Chibi Maruko said...

nope... expired terus buang, takut kang sakit, satu hal pulak, baik beringat, sebab tu setiap dua minggu sellau check pastry, mana nak expired atau dekat dekat bulannya, terus keluarkan supaya selalu nampak depan mata dan akan masak terus.

Idayu said...

kalu setakat mknan kering, sy bantai jek guna sbb sayang lgpun susah nk dptkan stok2 tuh,
tp kalu mmg obvious dh berkulat/tuko warna/berulat mmg kena buang. rasanya ada extra few days after the stated expired date tuh yg masih bole digunakan.