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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's grab some CHEAP BOOKS from Kinokuniya, KLCC!


Two of my colleagues told me this morning that Kinokuniya, KLCC is having a book sales until this Sunday (12th June, 2011). They said that the prices were varied from RM3, RM5, RM10, RM15. So, some other colleagues and I rushed to Kinokuniya after the last class as we couldn't resist the temptation of buying books with those crazy prices. After about half an hour of careful selection, I bought 7 novels and one box of Roald Dahl's Fiendish Faces ( a make-up kit to make scary looks). When I left the bookstore, two of my colleagues were still searching for some books.

So, what did I buy? Let's see the books:

I only  know Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. I've never heard about the other authors but I don't really mind about that as long as the story lines are interesting. So, why are you waiting for? If you love reading but always complain that buying books are expensive, now is the best time to invest because I only paid RM37 for all of those books!


reitak said...

REally??? I wanna go grab some too!! Thanks for the info!!!

Idayu said...

murahnya....giler murah!
tp jauhhnya :( suka buku john grisham.

yatie chomeyl said...

go buy me some too ...please please pretty please

Ummi Salsabila said...

owo,bestnya.nak pergi jugalah nnt..:) TQ sis..

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

memang tak reti nak baca novel omputeh ni..tak feel ..hehehe.

ada satu book store ni, memang murah kat dlm amcorp mall.abang eliss selalu pi beli buku situ.apa ntah nama kedai lupa lak.

transformed housewife said...

reitak: glad to share.

Idayu: maybe next time.

Tie: alamak. what kind of books do you want dear?

Ummi Salsabila: pergila. tiap2 hari diaorg letak buku baru.

eliss: rasanya tahu jugak kedai buku kat Amcorp Mall tu. Kedai second hand books.