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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The water cut: How are we surviving?


SYABAS annouced yesterday that some areas in KL, the whole Petaling Jaya and some other areas would experience the water cut until Friday. (tomorrow) Some people complained that they didn't receive any notice prior to that and some were so unprepared. BUT for those who are always fully prepared with the unexpected things like this.

So, how do prepare?. I reckon many of us also have our own approaches. I just want to share some common preparations that we can do:

  • Buy some containers or even the huge black rubbish bin (new one of course!). Fill up those containers with water and place them in each bathroom. 
  • When we receive any notice, fill up as much as you can the night before. 
  • Use water sparingly when you know that there'll be water cut.
  • Reuse some water like the water from your washing to flush the toilet.
  • Teach and remind your children on how to save water.
  • Wash your dishes in two basins; one that contain the dish washing liquid and another one to rinse off.
  • Only do your laundry when it's fully loaded in your washing machine.  
 Those are the ways that I can think of now. What about you? Is your area is affected as well? How well are you coping with it?

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tak mandilah jawabnya..
kalau umah landed ada juga tempat mak simpan air.. umh apartment ne..alahai... tapi rasa ila dkt 5 tahun dok apartment ne lum penah takde air lagi