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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can't wait to see Masterchef Final TONIGHT!


Tonight we'll find out who will be the WINNER in Masterchef Malaysia Season 1. The battle will be between Ezani (a dentist by profession) and Wahidan ( a farmer from Sabah). From what I've seen, both of them have the fair chance to showcase their ability tonight. Thus their chance is 50-50. 

Ezani is well-known as the dessert expert while Wahidan is a quick learner and has been able to produce some interesting dishes. I guess based on the other Masterchef, there will be at least 3 rounds in the final. The winner will be decided based on the marks. BUT maybe it's going to be totally different.
Which one will I choose? I believe that Wahidan as the underdog might bring a surprise. Eventhough Ezani is a more consistent competitor, Wahidan has proved that he deserves to be in the final. His strong forte will be in Malaysian Traditional Cooking but has learned some Western dishes from the judges in the Masterchef's classes. 

Which one will you pick as the winner?


yatie chomeyl said...

tok tgk la mugo rumoh ti takdop astro, download jah sakni nk tgk mal eni hahaha

transformed housewife said...

Knur saloh teka. Ezani hok mene.