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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taekwondo or Swimming lesson?


My elder daughter is interested to join the Taekwondo class in her school. My hubby and I don't have any objection as both of us were actively involved in Taekwondo when we were in school and in university. However, I also want her to learn swimming as well. So, we haven't really decided which is the extra activity for her. We can't afford to send her to take both lessons as we are expecting our third child by June. Letting her to join Taekwondo means extra expenses for that. But we want her to be tougher physically as she is too feminine. As for other lesson like learning how to recite Iqra', I'm teaching both my daughters at home after Maghrib prayer and we think it's okay for now. Maybe when I can't find time to teach them maybe we have to send them somewhere.

Which lesson is better?


Mrs Lya said...

Salam. Swimming class is a temp, short term course. Unless u want her to be a pro swimmer.
Taekwando is long term. Maybe u can start with swimming first, bila dah pandai swimming boleh masuk taekwando pulak?

transformed housewife said...

thanks for the input Mrs Lya.

kakyong said...

2-2 pun bagus..

xde pengalaman, so x tau nak komen cemana..