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Monday, January 30, 2012

In debts.


You want to have comfortable life so you apply for a loan; housing ,car and sometimes personal loan. The problem is to pay back what you have taken. Sometimes all the loans get out of hand. What do you do? Borrow somewhere else? Or sell whatever you can sell? Some people borrow from the loan shark and put their family's life in danger. Some borrow from family members and pretend to forget to pay it back.

How I wish to live freely without any debts. I don't want to be so rich but just to have the freedom in using my money without worrying about paying any debts to a bank or to others.


Syida said...

how to get out from debts life?

transformed housewife said...

it's possible but needs some planning.

She Wears Premium Beautiful said...

debt free life especially in Malaysia? I think is almost impossible.