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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I wouldn't wear clothes that "poke eye". (ROFL)


I just want to re-highlight the lost in translation issue that was brought up by some people over FB and Twitter and I came across this in one NST couple days ago. It all started after a guide on dress code (translated as ‘ethical clothing’) for Defence Ministry staff was posted on the ministry’s official website. The English translation provided for the circular dress code was very literal, even showed usage of translation programme. From what I've read, the ministry has withdrawn the circular and promised to make some amendments.

"Clothes that poke eye" is a literal translation to "pakaian menjolok mata". It's better to be translated to "inappropriate clothes in government office" or maybe "informal clothes are not allowed". There were other amusing phrases as well like  “long-sleeve batik shirt with collar / mongoose fight made in Malaysia” and “shine closed” appeared in  the post. The former defines ‘baju batik lengan panjang berkolar / cekak musang buatan Malaysia‘ while the latter ‘kasut bertutup’ (closed-toe shoes). Based on what I've learned years ago when I took translation courses for 2 semesters, some special names like special clothes shouldn't be translated because you can't find the equivalent in English. So, "baju Melayu cekak Musang" shouldn't be translated as it just created a weird translation! You can only provide the descriptions of the clothes or better with the photo of the clothes.

 Let's hope that the other ministries would be more careful to post or provide any information on their websites. It's not good to be the laughable stock on the social networks. They can find more credible translators because we do have good translators in Malaysia. If not why don't they use those from "Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia". They have the expertise in translation.


luahfikiran ... mari kita said...

Bagus entri ini. Harap pihak2 berkaitan membacanya


bolehla guna perkataan tue hehe..mesti org gelak..

yatie chomeyl said...

hahaha poke eye clothes..seriously in ministry's website? hahahhaah ROFLOL

isabelle said...

humang aiii..sampai cenggitu sekali.
kalo cekak musang dan teluk belanga? hmmmm...
*garu dagu*

Syida said...

akak preggy?congrats!

kesian defense minister hv to apologize for the translation thingy.hhehhehee

Nia said...

haha, rupanya yg saya dengar kat radio semalam. menjolok mata rupanya..adoi, translation sungguh!

transformed housewife said...

Defence Ministry had realized the mistake after being highlighted in NST.

transformed housewife said...

dah kena gelak sakan dah. Ramai dah perli Kementerian Pertahanan sbb tak periksa betul2 apa yg dioarg paparkan di laman sesawang.

transformed housewife said...

Yup. Ada tapi diaorg dah buang sbb diaorg baru perasan silap.

kakyong said...

seharusnya mereka lebih berhati2 dlm penterjemahan ni kan..

perlu disemak sebelum dilepaskan ke wbsite.. kan dah kena gelak.. ish ish..