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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Secret Garden.


As promised, I'll share a little bit about what we just discovered in One Utama, Bandar Utama. Maybe other people know about this, but not us. At first we discovered the Rainforest in the middle of the building. Then, we discovered the Secret Garden on the rooftop and the admission is FREE! (yup, this is very since normally we have to pay when we want to get in a garden except for public garden).

My initial plan just to bring out kids for walk in a shopping mall. We didn't expect to see something different. It was nice to see the twist because we are tired of seeing only the shops in a shopping mall. We had nice photo shoots with our not-DSLR-camera. hehe. I enjoyed being the photographer using my hubby and my kids as my subjects. Of course when we walked around the garden, we had some ideas for our dream garden for our house.

Now, I'll let the photos to tell the rest of the stories. So, enjoy the scenery............

The Rainforest.

On the bridge (the top floor)

Can you read the rules?


2 models; 2 different personalities

Can you identify some of the plants?

Notice the pink pineapple?

After the tour in the secret garden, we had lunch and we headed home as we we were already tired of walking. BUT, before we could find our car in the car park, we were lost in OU as it's quite big and we couldn't remember exactly the exact place of where we parked our car! So, we ended up went in a circle before we could relocate our car. Finally, after much fuss from the kids who were tired, my hubby became the HERO of the day. He was somehow mad with me for not remembering the shops where we first came up from the car park. I guess the next time, I ask him out to OU, he will reject the suggestion. huhu.


Lizan said...

kan main model2 tu pose , besar jgk tempat tu ya, k ijan pun first time tahu, nok gi getek :)

Ladysirna FA said...

nice pictures!saya pun br tahu ada secretgarden camni kat KL ni..huhu


ooo..kat one utama..patut mcm penah tengok hehe

transformed housewife said...

K.Ijan: keno gi. boleh tahan jugok tempat tu. lain dari tmn lain la.

transformed housewife said...

Fadzilah: best ada tmn kat tengah2 bandar.

transformed housewife said...

Ila: dah pernah pergi ke? best kan.

Syigim said...

i didn't know about this garden too! tgk gamba2 kak kat fb, mcm best, xde org je, mcm the garden was specially closed for you la kak nur hihihi..

definitely will check it out once i'm back in msia