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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spanking NOT beating!


Do you spank your children in order to teach them a lesson? How do you do it? Which part of their body do you use to spank them?

My husband and I also use spanking as a tool to teach our children. They know that they'll be spanked if they have done a serious mistake. We always make sure that the Spanking is just enough to teach them NOT to hurt them. There's a thin line between Spanking and Beating. If you spank to teach, you only spank them once or twice and you don't want to hurt them. BUT if you are beating them, it's already an act of abuse. That's why in some countries, they oppose to the act of spanking just because they afraid that it might lead to abusing.

When I was small, I was spanked few times because of being mischief. There was one particular incident that I still can vividly recall. I lost the house keys on my way back from school. My late mum was so furious because if somebody found the keys, they would get the easy access to our house! My mum called me to her bedroom and she asked some questions. I felt as if I was asked by a police officer! It was a thorough "investigation" made by my mum. When I told her I couldn't recall how did I lose the keys, she lost her patience and she spanked me at the thighs. It wasn't a painful spank at all but I felt so sad because I let her down and made her frustrated. Since that incident, I tried very hard to avoid being spanked not because I was afraid of my late mum but I didn't want to lose her trust on me.

Now, what do you think about spanking? Is it still relevant now or is it kind of an obsolete tool in disciplining our children?


Lizan said...

budak2 ni kadang2 memang menguji kesabaran betul kan sampai tak perasan tangan si emak dah singgah kat badan anak...sebab tu memang takde rotan kat rumah ni, takut terguna.. (eh..menjawab soalan ke tak..? hehe)

yatie chomeyl said...

nazhan kecik2 dulu x keno spank, lo ni klu mommy gere sgt..buleh jugop sekali duo huhuhuhu

Nia said...

saya dulu selalu jgk kena pukul, huhu..mendidik..hehe