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Monday, October 11, 2010

Have we learnt anything from the fatal accident?(highway pile-up 10.10.10)

One of the shocking news for today is about "12 die in the Highway Pile-up". I'm sure most of us have read about this news or at least heard it from somebody. My SIL who was also on the way back from Melacca with her friend last night, told about the massive traffic jam near the accident area. As usual, many people wanted to see what had happened and they slowed down their vehicles and some even took some photos and amateur videos (can be found in you tube).

There have had been so many fatal accidents that we've heard or even witnessed. BUT have we learnt anything from them? Have we ever reminded ourself to slow down, be careful, take some precautions and actually this should be our priority- say a prayer before we even step on the accelerator?

Any accidents that happened whether it's fatal or not, most of the time happened to fast. In fact it can happen in a split second. Based on my own experiences(in minor motorcycle's accidents), there were times when I found myself lying down by the roadside and suffered from some scratches and bruises and became clueless of what had happened.

So, what I'm going to list down here are only based on my humble opinion. You are most welcome to add on or even comments on the list.

What have we learnt and still forget?: (in no particular order)
  • everything that happens must have the reasons. (Only Allah knows the reasons)
  • we should try our best to prevent from any accident no matter how where we go. -Even when we only driving to the nearby supermarket !
  • slow down and be patient as we are not the only one who want to arrive on time/ no one to be late to work.
  • no one want to be part of the accident statistic, so we should stop curing each other "hei, nak mampos ke!" (translation- ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUSELF!)
  • never ever forget to leave your fate in Allah's hands after you've done everything you could.
I'm no expert nor someone who should be discussing about this issue. It's just that I feel obliged to share what I feel and think. Again everybody is most welcome to say their opinions too.


ZiE FAUZi said...

salam,kak... orang kita ni kalau dah ada atas jalan raya dah macam tak sayang nyawa.. pantang dicabar. sepatutnya bila daj jadi kejadian2 mcm ni patut dijadikan iktibar.. apa2 pun al-fatihah utk yg telah pergi dan takziah utk keluarga mangsa..

transformed housewife said...

zie- ramai yg bila pegang stereng kereta mcm tak ingat kat org lain kan.

mila.ibunajihah said...

salam kak nur, memang betul tu, benda2 camni bleh jadi tanpa sempat kita react pun. kadang kita dah ckup hati2, tp sebab orang lain, kita terkait sama. Moga-moga Allah jauhkan kita drpd malapetaka mcm tu, sedih kalau fikirkan keluarga yg ditinggalkan scr mengejut.

yatie chomeyl said...

takut doh nok naik bas kat msia lepas ni

transformed housewife said...

MIla- Amin.

Tie- meme pun takut nok naik bas.

Anonymous said...

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transformed housewife said...

do visit daily Miss Anonymous.

kakyong said...

dikatakan kelibat wanita menggendong bayi menjadi punca bas tu jadi tak terkawal...

sebaiknya mulakan perjalanan dgn doa... kdg2 terlupa, dah tgh jln baru ingat nak baca doa...

transformed housewife said...

sy ada baca jugak pasal kellibat wanita tu. seram jugak.