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Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad eating habits during fasting month


Eid is just around the corner but it's never too late to change our eating habits now. I have to admit that I'm also like you making bad judgements when it comes to choosing food during fasting month. We feast with our eyes and the desire too much than our tummy can contain. The temptation is too high and most of the time we choose not to say no to sweet or oily food. Sometimes it's just part of our tradition and also the temptation to satisfy our greedy desire.

These are the bad eating habits that we (yup including me...sadly) have during fasting month:
  • Fried and fatty foods such as french fries, sweets, greasy curries and many more. High-fat foods are high in calories and are nutrient deficient which will lead to an imbalanced diet, thereby increasing sluggishness and fatigue during Ramadan.
  • Salt and salted food. Dehydration is a risk due to limited fluid intake during the day, and high salt foods can further increase this risk by drawing fluids out of your body.
  • Foods containing too much sugar such as sweet glucose energy drinks. These are sources of empty calories with very little nutritional value. While they may provide you with instant energy, they will not sustain you through the day and night.
  • Overeating especially at saher can cause further metabolic imbalance, like highs and lows in your blood sugar and dehydration.
  • Too much tea or caffeine at saher. Both of these are diuretics when consumed in large quantities and the body can lose valuable minerals, salts and fluids that you need during the day.
  • Sleeping immediately after iftar and saher meals, since your body will require time to digest the food. Wait for 2–3 hrs before sleeping.
Now, I reckon it's never too late to change those bad habits to a better eating habits. How? Well, just  follow the food pyramid, eat in moderation like what our Prophet suggested, eat more vegetables and fruits and drink more plain water.

You might be saying, "Easier said than done". Yup. I'm telling these to myself and those who want to join me in changing our eating habits.


Affieza said...

Setuju...tak mampu nak kawal..semua benda kalau boleh nak mkn time berbuka tu...hihi

transformed housewife said...

Affieza: nafsu kan. bila dah mkn cepat je kenyang.