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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A holiday retreat at Mahia beach Motels & Holiday Park.(part 2)

At the signboard.

Fathini and my SIL

All right. Now I can continue my story about our holiday retreat. On the next day (14 August 2009), we went to Morere Hot Springs which was about 45 minutes from the motel. It was situated at State Highway 2, Morere, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand. (ala2 kolam air panas yg ada kat Msia la). We went there after we had our brunch (breakfast+lunch). My PIL didn't come with us as they prefered to stay in the motel room and rest and went for a walk on the beach. So, only my hubby, daughters, my SIL and I went there. My hubby used his GPS again to go to the place however, it showed us to the wrong direction. We had to turned back when we realized that it didn't seem the right way. (apala punya GPS asyik bg sesat je. isk3x). When we turned back, we managed to find the place which was not so far away from the motel. On the way to Morere Hot Springs, we met with heaps of sheeps on the road and we had to slow down to allow them to cross the road safely.

I snapped this photo from inside of our rented van.
Look at the sheeps!

When we arrived at Morere Hotsprings there were few cars at the parking area. So, my hubby booked a private pool which costed about $6 for adults and $3 for children. We only have 30 minutes to use the private pool. My hubby walked so fast when we wanted to find the pool and he lead us to wrong pool! (penat dan tercungap2 kami jln. Fathini dah lenguh2 kaki.huhu). But we could see some interesting view at the side. (sama mcm kat hutan lipur kat Msia). We took the opportunity to snap two photos there.

I chose only this photo here as the other photo was abt the same.

After we went back to the main gate, we finally found the private pool. It was only a small room and it was in an enclosed area. My hubby and my SIL quickly changed and tried the pool. My daughters were quite afraid to test the water as it was really hot. I just dipped my feet and I could feel the heat. We stayed there for about 20 minutes( 10 minit dah habis masa jln2 cari pool tu. huhu). Then, we decided to try the public pool. It was heaven as nobody else was there and we had the public pool for ourselves. We stayed and swam in the pool for more than 30 minutes. I didn't have my swimsuit so, I just went into the pool with my t-shirts and my track suit. I could even took off my headscarf. (dah takde org. hehe). If we knew, there was nobody else, we should've straight away headed to the public pool. The public pool was not as hot as the private pool maybe because the pool was bigger. My hubby and my SIL swam in pool and they somehow swallowed the water. (we shouldn't swallow the water as it contains minerals). Fathini was quite afraid of the water (biasala tu selalu takut air). Hafizah was happy and she had so much fun when I held her in the water. I couldn't upload some photos here as some are censored photos. (yelah gambar2 my hubby pakai boardshirt saje and my photos without my scarf).

The public hot pool.
This photo was taken before I took off my scarf.

It was good to have a swim or in my case to wade trough hot pool. We felt so warm in the water and but when we went back to the motel we had to have a shower as there were minerals all over our body. There were not much happen the next day as my hubby didn't want to go to Gisborne which was only 1 hour away from Mahia. So, we just strolled down the beach and relax in our motel room. Unfortunately for me, my defination of going for a holiday is far apart from my hubby's defination of going for a holiday. My hubby just wanted to relax but I wanted to go out and see as much as possible or visit as many places as possible. huhu.

That's all about our holiday retreat. I hope those who read this will not feel bored. (biasalah ayat2 mcm ayat karangan utk kertas periksa sikit. maklumlah cikgu BI dulu).

Ka Ki Te Ano.

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