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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I was poked!

(That's not my arm. I didn't take any picture when we were there)

Today (4 August 2009), I was poke by somebody. Hmmm all of you might wonder who poked me. Hehehe. It was a nurse in Masters Clinic. She poked me when she was taking samples of my blood. We went there to do our medical check-up for the immigration process. My hubby needs to extend our visa as he needs more time to finish his thesis. The first time she poked me on my left arm, she couldn't find the right place and the needle was broken. (sakit jugak. huhu). She took out the broken needle and tried my right arm. This time it was successful. (fuhhh lega). After the third bottles, I felt kind of dizzy. (sebenarnya mmg demam sikit tapi dah buat appoinment terpaksala pergi jugak buat medical check-up hr ni). So, she asked me to put my head down to reduce the dizziness. She felt so bad and she said sorry few times. (I forgot to tell her that I'm quite phobia to see my own blood. hehe). After few minutes, I felt better and we were asked to wait at the lounge.

The next test was the eye test. I passed the test with the perfect score. Then, the boring part was the urine test. (never like this test especially during my pregnancy states). The nurse just check the height and weight of my kids as there were not much tests for them. My eldest daughter had to do an eye test. The test was quite different to adult's test. There were no letters but there were some shapes involved. There were squares, circles, stars and plus signs. Fathini passed the test though she couldn't identify some very tiny stars signs.

After about 1 half hour at the clinic, we managed to undergo all the tests. However, we had to wait for another 3 to 4 days for the results of the blood and urine tests as they were going to send the samples to the lab. Tomorrow, we are going to do the x-ray. Hmmmm I better bring extra diapers for Hafizah as today she poop in her diaper when we were waiting at the clinic. (nasib baik tak bau satu klinik. hehehe).

1 comment:

yatie chomeyl said...

apala..amik darah sikit pon pening..ore dermo darah rilek jah...kui3x