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Friday, August 28, 2009

Raya cookies project.

This year I have decided to make extra cookies and get some orders from my friends here, in Hamilton. I'm kind of nervous as I never take orders from my friends in making cookies even though I have been making raya cookies since I was small. I had so many memories making raya cookies with my siblings and my late mum. We never buy raya cookies as my mum prefer to make our own raya cookies even when she was so busy and my sister, Yati and I could only help her few days before raya. I still helped making cookies even when I started working. I took few days off before raya just to make some cookies with my family members. It's a kind of our family tradition. I will always cherish all the memories I had in making raya cookies.

Well, let's go back to my project. Today 28 August 2009, I made two kinds of raya cookies; pineapple tart and chocolate chip cookies. These two cookies are among our favourite cookies. I'm not confident enough to make too many cookies. I will make another two kinds of cookies; London Almond cookies and cornflake cookies. Let's look at the two cookies first.
Pineapple tart cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Tomorrow I will let my friends try out the sample cookies. I have already received some orders. Hopefully there will be more orders after they have tried the sample cookies. If I'm in Malaysia, I would never take any order because there are too many people who are involved in this raya cookies business. But here in Hamilton, NZ, most of the Malaysian women here are doing their PHD, so they don't have so much time making cookies. (no offence bcs I'm just assuming). Well, maybe those who can find some time will make their cookies(some of my friends want to make their own cookies first. They told me they will order if they are unable to make). Thanks to Marina who is now living in Whangarei for the support she has given me when I first mentioned about this project. She is in fact my very first customer. She still want to order from me even though she is now couple hours away from here.

Ka Ki Te Ano.

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