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Friday, August 7, 2009

Special food for the VVIPs

Today (07 August 2009), we are going to have special guests to our house. The VVIPs are my parents-in-law. My hubby went out this morning to fetch them at Auckland International Airport. We (my kids, SIL and me) are still waiting at home.

I've prepared special food for them today; Tomato Rice, beef curry, sweet & sour chicken(ayam masak merah. betul ke tak translation ntah) with some vegetable salad (acar mentah). I started cooking since 9 a.m. and I was able to finished by 12 p.m. And I also managed t0 prepare a carrot cake and baked it before I started cooking other dishes. Here are the pictures:

(Carrot cake) (Chicken&Beef Curry& Salad)

(Tomato Rice)

My kids and I have eaten the dishes first as our lunch time is always about 12 o'clock. Now by 1.46 p.m., they haven't arrived yet. Auckland International Airport is about one and half hour away from our house. Plus, my hubby told me that they might have to stop somewhere (most probably at Hamilton's mosque) to perform Zohor prayer first. Well, they will arrive soon. I think I have to prepare some hot drinks for them too. All right Ka Ki Te Ano.


yatie chomeyl said...

waaaaa sedap nyor makane...mesti tini x sb tggu opah dio

Kak As said...

panas2 lagi tu..bestnya menu sambut opah & atuk.. selamat menjamu selera.. Selamat Datang ke New Zealand buat Kedua Mertua Nur..