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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



I know that I promised to continue my story about our beach retreat but today I would like to try entering another contest just to try my luck. This time I want to try entering the "Beautiful Baby Search Contest". The organizer is mommy Zara. (Thanks). So, I chose these two photos of my youngest daughter; Hafizah.

I snapped this picture at Peachgrove playcentre(the school that my daughters attend here). It was a pyjamas day and everybody had to wear their pyjamas to school, even the mothers. So, this picture was snapped about two months ago.In this picture, Hafizah was happy playing on her own and was fascinated with the ball. She is now 26 months old (2 years and 2 months old).

I love this picture so much as it shows a close relationship of a father and a daughter. I snapped this picture on 20th July 2009 when we invited few friends to our house to have lunch together.
Hafizah was so tired after lunch and she was asleep before our friends left. My hubby hold her on his arms and I thought it was a perfect moment to take a picture.

All right, I think I have fulfilled all the requirements. (except for inserting the link and give a comment at mommy Zara's blog).

S0, for those who are also interested to enter this contest, this is the link:

P/S: The contest will be ended on 31 August 2009. So, hurry up.

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