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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do we need flavour enhancer or food seasonings in our cooking?


Yesterday I went out for Iftar with my younger brother, Rafiuddin and his special friend. We chose to have our Iftar in one of the food court area in Kelana Jaya. We ordered some usual stall food - Fried Rice. I ordered "Nasi Goreng USA" (USA Fried Rice?hehe), my brother ordered "Nasi Goreng Biasa" (Normal Fried Rice? not sure with the translation :p) and his special friend had bought some food from the nearest Ramadhan Bazaar. It was my first time eating and breaking the fast outside. (normally I break the fast at home). As I'm so used to eat home cooking food, I can't really enjoy the food that I had yesterday. WHY? Well, first of all, I'm not a big fan of eating food that contains MSG. banyak sgt pak aji smlm, balik rumah dahaga sgt2 Second, the food was actually tasteless even with the food enhancer (Ajinomoto).

picture- credit to Mr. Google
 Actually I shouldn't complain because the food price there is quite reasonable compared to other eatery places in KJ. I just don't understand why do they (the stall operator/ the cook) need to use some food enhancer. Maybe there are also some of you out there like to use some food enhancer like this or using the other brands. But for me, whenever possible, I want to avoid eating food that contain MSG. We all know the long term effects pf consuming MSG right? If you are not sure about the effects, click here to read more.

A nice food doesn't need extra umpph by adding unnecessary flavors or additives. The normal salt and spices are enough to enhance the flavor. I've been brought up in a family that hate using this kind of food enhancer. However, I realized that we can't avoid MSG when we buy some ready made processed food. So, all we can do is to read the label carefully before we decide to buy any processed food.

So, what do you think about this?


Sitisifir10 said...

k.nur, saya punya suami jgn kata pak aji takde moto dia tak bagi..segala sos kicap teh blablabla dia tak galakkan...sanggup dia tanam green tea, beli banyak2 cabai kering and so on utk replace benda tu...hasilnya, anak kami lebih sihat sekarang...huhuhu

Diyana Zulkifli said...

btul tu kak.and skrg,saya dah beralih kpd garam bukit plak.lain dr garam biasa.letak sikit pn,dah rasa masakan tu. dan of coslah terjamin halal kalau beli dr HPA.:D

dbalkis said...

i dun need them at all.since day 1 i cook for my family. Simply because my mom didn't use them husband's tekak still say the food are delicious on its own way even though his mom is MSG user..add more natural spices to enhance the flavour. Cukup garam gula insyaallah sedap.

Anonymous said...

MSG is not good for our health.. tu la yg sedap.. haishh (- -").

Nia said...

my mom never allow us to use Ajinamoto in our cooking kak. Dia pening kepala katanya..huhu..

kakyong said...

kakyong pun memang tak biasa guna pak aji & seangkatannya..

jrg kali juga makan di luar.. jika makan di luar pun, hanya di kedai yg sama.. sbb anak2 ni kalo food yg len macam jer rasa (yg ade pak aji) depa tak makan.. so we always go back kedai makan kwn suami jer jika makan di luar..

isabelle said...

i dont use MSG either. sungguh leceh bila tpaksa convince mertua supaya x guna jugak.
bila FIL dah kena dialysis, apa lagi..i pun buat mulut celupar la..kekeke

CatlinaFly said...

kak nur, kalau mak sy masak, memang tak letak ajinomoto.garam, bila perlu je.contoh: kalau masak kicap, tak letak garam pun sebab rasa masin dari kicap dan masam dari tomato :)..tapi my hubby lak, tak sah kalau takde perisa2 tu...memang dah dia biasa makan cm tu..kena ikut jelah..

transformed housewife said...

Pijah, baguslah mcm tu. Masak mknan yg sihat2 je utk anak2.

Diyana- akk pernah guna garam HPA tu. tapi dah berhenti pula guna sejak pergi NZ dulu.

dbalkis- U're absolutely right.

transformed housewife said...

Zila- kalau sedap pun membahayakan kesihatan, tak boleh juga kan.

Nia- setengah2 org mmg dpt sakit kpl lps mkn mknan yg ada pak aji.

Kyong- baguslah anak2 Kyong pun tak nak mkn mknan yg ada ajinomoto.

transformed housewife said...

belle- wah berani u sound ur MIL ye. tapi utk kebaikan terpaksala cakap kan.

catlina- susah juga tu bila ur hubby pulak mintak nak kena bubuh pak aji.

mila.ibunajihah said...

saya mmg tak suka guna MSG. siap ada orang bagi petua kat saya, kalau nak matikan rumput rumpai tu, bleh tabur pak aji, tutup, biar..nanti matilah rumpai2 tu. never try this petua, tp nampak sgt bahaya msg ni.

yatie chomeyl said...

meme muloh ma x bui bubuh pok aji jak dulu lagi key

transformed housewife said...

Mila- mmg sah bahaya sgt2 MSG ni.

Tie- meme. tapi bilo kito tubik make luar mesti ado jugok Ajinomoto.

mommyYen said...

kNur,i pun dah tak guna MSG lagi..tekak dah terbiasa mkn tak berMSG sejak duduk Spore dulu.balik swk rasa lain pula rasa guna chicken stok saja..

transformed housewife said...

bagusla Sati dah tak guna. Masak pakai garam dan gula pun dah secukup rasa.

yushida03 said...

MSG? try to avoid when cooking at home..

but most of the time.. due to work, time constraint and so on.. have to tapau or dine outside lah.. the least we can do is to recite bismillah, or just the simple doa makan.. may Allah bless us, our food and the stall/restaurant owner/ people who prepared the food for us..

been studying in and stay at asrama before.. so i virtually can consume all type of food sedap or tak sedap still the tray will end up licin.. my wife on the other hand, is a lil' bit picky. sometimes i do wonder how she can be picky how did she survive during the long boarding school days?