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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: And they are mocking the BANNING.


I'm so sad that there are still many people even so called Muslims are actually questioning the banning of the celebration of Valentine's Day. They think that the Islamic Affairs Department is having a narrow-minded view on this issue. I guess this is what happen when we have been brainwashed about this celebration over the years before that we think it's okay and it's quite normal. Now, what's left to say is, it's their own choice. The Islamic Affairs Department has carried out their responsibility. It's up to them whether to accept it or just ignore it. I just hope that they are brave enough to answer about their choice in their after-life.

Here are some comments I've read from Malaysia Kini:

Joker: How does the Islamic Affairs Department define 'celebrating Valentine's Day' - buying gifts and flowers, having dinners, movies or simply going out together?

Are these ‘haram' activities only on Feb 14 but okay on other days? Why is it okay for married Muslim couples to celebrate but not so for the unmarried ones?

I hope the Islamic Affairs Department is not thinking that Valentine's Day is 'celebrated' just by making wanton and indiscriminate sex.

Non-Muslims better cancel all outings with their Muslim friends on Feb 14 in case these 'holy cops' misunderstand your gatherings as 'celebration' of the unholy Valentine's Day.

Multi Racial: Since when have we become so narrow minded? The modern generation see Valentine's Day merely a day for those who love each other to express their love for one another.

It is neither religious or customary to them. It an opportunity to express their love to their love one. Nobody is going to change their religion because we allow them to wish each other ‘Happy Valentine's Day'.

Ksn: For unmarried Malay-Muslim couples, use the other remaining 364 days of the year for whatever you wish to do on Valentine's Day.

Or if you insist that you wish to celebrate love on this day itself, do it in private, your homes, etc.

Do have a Happy Valentine's. Forget the half-wits like the Minister in the PM's Department Jamil Khir Baharom and the PAS ultras.

Onyourtoes: What regulations will you be enforcing across the country to prevent people eating together in restaurants, people exchanging gifts like flowers and chocolates, people walking in the parks, on the beaches, watching movies, having ice cream in the parlours?

Tell us what you are you going to do if couples, not husbands and wives, talk about common interests, about their future together, about opportunities, about caring and love for each other?

Fairgo: To the young romantic non-Muslims, Valentine's Day is a day to express their feelings to each other, exploited commercially no doubt. But what the heck!

Forbidding young ones to celebrate Valentine's Day because of religion must be unbelievable to the whole world.

Ericomc: I am currently working in Indonesia. You know what? My Indonesian friends are perplexed on the ban of Valentine's Day celebration by the Malaysian religious authority.

Keturunan Malaysia: First thing in the morning, I am going to give my wife a cute present (as she loves to say, it is not the value that counts, it is the thoughts behind it) and wish her Happy Valentine's.

I am going to tell her, as I always do each year and every year, that I love her very much and that given another chance to re-live my life all over again, I'll still choose and marry her.

Imraz Ikhbal: My religion is Islam and no where in Allah's Holy Books does He forbid dining out with my legitimate wife on Feb 14 of any given year.

So on this Valentine's Day, I am taking my gorgeous wife out for a fine candlelight dining in a fancy restaurant. Thereupon, I'll be giving her a red rose and a box of chocolate and I'll cuddling her throughout as I always have for the past eight years of our marriage.

But why on the Feb 14? Not because I am celebrating Valentine's Day but this year I have deliberately decided to coincide my night out with my beloved, and may Allah have mercy on whichever religious bigot that dares to arrest us.

Should that happen, I shall declare a holy crusade on those ‘yang berugama' Umno and I shall welcome anyone who shares my stand to join me.

Simpang 4: Happy Valentine's Day to all Malaysians. Celebrate Love.

What do you think about their comments?


Skymatrix said...


Kepada yang yang marah2 pasal hari valentine kena banned (terutama yang beragama ISLAM), nasihat aku cuma sedikit je...

Otak dan akal yang dikurniakan oleh ALLAH gunakan sebaik mungkin...cari punca kenapa sambutan hari tersebut kena banned...rajin2kan kaji sejarah sambutan hari tersebut kat internet kalo malas nak belek buku...jangan guna internet hanya nak check email, update facebook, tengok gambar awek seksi or jejaka tampan tahap gaban...

Celikkan hati dan minda...kalo asyik bangkang je, bila masa nak guna otak?


transformed housewife said...

SKYMATRIX: SETUJU TU. Cuba cari ilmu sikit dan selidik mengenai VD ni.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

bercakap tanpa ilmu ginilah jadinya komen2 yang keluar. hari lain pun boleh sambut kasih sayang tu.hari2 pun boleh. tak semestinya on V day tu.