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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rich or Poor: Does it really matter?


Many people especially the Kelantanese were so mad with our PM's on FB when he claimed that "Kelantan is the poorest state". I was one of them as I don't agree with the statement at all. In fact, I even shared a post about the recent development in Kelantan.

Today, I read about another article about "Sabah is actually the poorest state in Malaysia". Now, which one is the poorest state then? Does it really matter to us? What can we do? Mos of us know the fact that Sabah is actually rich with the natural resources and Kelantan actually has its hidden natural resources. BUT the Sabahan and Kelantanese don't really get what they deserve to have. Their rights have been denied for so long.

I'm not the expert when it comes to politic but as a silent observer, I just want to say that maybe we can do something within our power to change our own fate and then change the status of our state. It's really up to us!


Lizan said...

tak habis2 isu ni ekk.. sakit jer hati baca stmt kelantan miskin.. dia tak tahu yg kita ni dok melongo tengok rumah orang bungalow2 kat sana..

yatie chomeyl said...

yeah, vote for change!

Nia said...

Kak, apa tujuan diaorg claim mcm tu yek?