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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My little family.


That is the latest artwork by Fathini my elder daughter. She loves to draw, paint and create artworks. She is so used to think creatively as she was exposed to those when I brought her and her sister to Peachgrove Playcentre in Hamilton, New Zealand. Now, even though I don't really have time to bring them to any playgroup, she always has her own mini playgroup with her sister and her cousin, Shifa (abt the same age as Hafizah-my younger daughter). When they play they can think of so many kinds of games and activities that they want to do. I just have to monitor and help them if they need any help. Most of the time, Fathini as the group leader will initiate the activities. The other two girls are the followers. 

There's a funny story about that drawing. Hafizah who is still in the state of regressing, was adamant that Fathini alter the drawing a little bit. She was unsatisfied with the drawing when Fathini drew skinnier than she really is. She said, "I'm not skinny but I'm normal". "That's not me!". Fathini refused and I didn't want Fathini to change anything too as that's her drawing. So, I calmed Hafizah down and asked her to draw with her own interpretation of our little family. She hasn't draw anything yet until now. But just give her some time. I might be sharing her artwork too one day. 


yatie chomeyl said...

xpehe eh..fizah maroh sbb tini lukis gmbr fizah kurus ko gmbr tini kurus?

transformed housewife said...

Dio sajo jah cari psl loni. Tini lukis dio kurus sgt tapi Tini napok ok. Tu Fizah tok puas hati.

Syida said...

kurus pun chomey!

Lizan said...

comel2 la anak nur... tini dah makin seiras dengan muka nur..fizah ikut papa dia ek.. pandai tini lukis.