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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sophie Kinsella is really a genius!


I'm one of Sophie's fan. I've read a lot of her novels especially The Shopholic series. I've started to read her novels when I could borrow some novels from the community library. It feels like a heaven being able to borrow up to 20 books there. But here, I have no other choice except for buying the novels. I bought three novels during the Big Bad Wolf exhibition. Recently, I received another Sophie Kinsella's novels as a birthday gift from my brother, Epit.

Why is it that so many women have fallen in love with her novels. Is it because there are so many women who are actually shophalics like her main character, Rebecca Bloomwood?

Here is my hypothesis to "The reasons why do women love Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic novels": 

1. Shopping is one of the BEST therapy for women.
          When we are having crisis or feel stressed up with work or at home, we will feel better if we can go out to any shopping malls. Even when we don't want to buy anything, just looking at the possibilities of buying certain things can make us feel happy. That's why I don't think Becky is really addicted to shopping even though she can be out of control sometimes.

2.  Women can do several tasks at the same time.
            Like Becky, most women always have to deal with problems at work and also at home. Multitasking is not a new thing and we are good at it. Becky has to deal with tons of problems but at the end she always manages to find the solutions by getting helps and being creative.

3. Women can't help but to be so quite good in judging other people's character.
            I guess women generally are observant compared to men. We can tell about other people's character especially the pretentious ones in ease. Becky in her novels are always right about other people except for some unpredictable ones like Luke's real mom, Ellinor.

4. Women always try to please other people and give the priorities to others above their own selves.
           Becky thinks about how other people's feel if she is about to do something even though she has the repulsive behaviour of buying things. That's why she tries to hide the truth even when she is in the great danger financially. I'm sure sometimes we are also forced to protect others first even when we ourselves are not secured financially.

5. Women always know what to say to other people even when we don't like those people.
         It's our nature to be a quick thinker. We are clever in concealing our emotions and know what to utter even in a desperate situations. Becky (the main character), always deal with different kinds of people and she is smart in making people feel comfortable and important.

Those are my own interpretations and opinion. You might add some more points if you are also the fans to Sophie Kinsella's novels. 


yatie chomeyl said...

dpt hok novel latest dio ko? ti xbeli lai novel terbaru dio..sini mahal lagi..tunggu ado sale br beli hehe

transformed housewife said...

dop beli lg. ingat nok beli bilo dpt gaji next wk.

Nadiah Sidek said...

nadiah pun suka buku-buku sophie kinesella. sekarang ni buat koleksi buku-buku dia. buku terbaru masuk dalam wishlist ^_^

mommyYen said...

i shud buy one,,juz self-enrichment genre saja yg ada dlm koleksi..huhu