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Monday, December 13, 2010

Being racist is totally not cool when.....................


I copied and pasted this quotation from my SIL's FB status yesterday. It can make us think twice or more before we become racist or even treat other people differently:

Your car is Japanese.Your pizza is Italian.Your potato is Irish.Your democracy is Greek.Your coffee is Brazilian.Your tea is Kenyan.Your watch is Swiss.Your fashion is French.Your shirt is Indian.Your shoes are Chinese.Your radio is Korean.And then you complain that your neighbor is an ...immigrant?...Pull yourself together!

Now, what do you reckon? Do you agree with the quotation?


isabelle said...

ngeng ngeng ngeng.
kantoi di situ

isabelle said...

ngeng ngeng ngeng.
kantoi di situ

transformed housewife said...

Knur pun kdg2 kantoi sbb ada masanya jd racist. huhu

kakyong said...

setuju setuju... ;)