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Thursday, December 23, 2010

1Nita Karnival & My Ideas- What I've got from there?


I reckon there are not so many of you out there knew about this:

I only knew about the carnival yesterday from GBOB.  Right after the last class, I went to check out the exhibitions. My aim was to find Bling Boutique booth (Lyna, Kay & Watie's booth). Since the last time I met Lyna & Kay was in April, I really wanted to see them again. I was also eager to meet Watie personally.

When I arrived at their booth, they were not there as they went out somewhere. Few minutes later, I got the chance to meet Watie and catch-up with Lyna. I didn't bring my camera this afternoon. So, I can't really provide any photos of Lyna (who's about 6 mnth pregnant) and the Bubbly Watie with me. I got the chance t chat with Watie about the playgroup that she has organized in GBOB office. I also bought some art supplies for my daughters since I'll be having a long break starting from Dec. 24th until Jan. 2nd. I didn't really check out the other booths as my main reason to go there is to see that particular booth. 

I think the timing of the carnival is not so suitable as Tuesday & Wednesday are the working days for most of us. I was just happen to work not very far from KL Convention Centre. That's why I could at least checked out what's happening there. 

Before I went back, I bought these interesting art supplies & cute finger puppets from Watie:


isabelle said...

mesti bebudak tu x sbr nak buat artcraft dah

yatie chomeyl said...

deeki nyo leh jupo dgn watie GBOB...knur join kelas GBOB ko?

transformed housewife said...

Belle- mmg pun. puppets tu diaorg dah rasmikan dulu.

transformed housewife said...

Tie- tok de nok join kelas dio lg. Watie suruh gi trial classs dulu dlm Jan nanti.

Umi said...

comel ye puppet tu. nak 1, boleh? heheh

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

x tau pun ada karnival tu.kalo ada pun tak terpergi rasanya..

transformed housewife said...

Umi- puppet tu yg anak2 knur bukak dan nak main.

transformed housewife said...

eliss- kebetulan karnival tu kat KL Convention Centre. Kalau tak, Knur pun tak pergi. Tu alang2 ofis kat area tak jauh dr KLCC je.

Watie Aziz said...

kak nur, tq for this sweet entry .. :) appreciate it ..tu lah kan ..kalau buat sabtu ahad mesti lebih ramai leh datang ..:)

takper ..nanti kita jumpa lagi kay ..:) keep in touch tau ...seronok dgr anak akak suka main puppet tuh ..ekekek