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Friday, December 31, 2010

I love my blog: Everything about my blog & Happy New Year 2011


I've received a tag from Mummy Yen (a.k.a. Sati) yesterday. Since it's been quite sometime since I last did a tag, I'm honoured to do this tag too. Before I start answering the questions (which were in BM but I want to translate it to Eng.- pardon me!), I want to wish everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011. Hopefully all of your last new year's resolutions have been achieved. If not, we should try our best to achieve them during this coming new year. I'm sorry I can't reveal my new year's resolutions for next year as I also still have some old resolutions that I couldn't achieved due to some factors.

Okay. Let's go to the first question:

1.  What's the history of the blog's name and the story behind the header and background?

      The original name for this blog was "A Temporary Housewife" because I was a temporary housewife for 3 1/2 years when I was in New Zealand. After I came back to Malaysia, I had to change the name since I started to working again in my old workplace. I organized a simple contest and Molly won it when she suggested  "Transformed Housewife". The header- well it's brand new, courtesy from K.Yong. The background, I chose the simplest background from blogger.

2. How frequent do you update your blog?

    I try to update it almost everyday. But there were times when I was so busy with other things, I missed  publishing any entries. I love tIo share my experiences as a mother of two, experiences as an English teacher, my passion in poetry either in English or BM and also current issues.

3. Why do you want to blog?

    I started off my journey back in May 2009. My younger sis, Yatie Chomeyl was the one who introduced
and encouraged me to have a blog in order to cure my boredom spending 24-7 at home when I was a housewife. I love being busy and when I had so much time in my hand, I was a bit clueless of how to fill up my time wisely. So, after I finished with all the household chores and my daughters were taking the afternoon nap, I would spent my time in front of the pc. WHY? I just love the idea of sharing with the others what you know, what you have experienced, what you think and maybe if you are influential enough, you can also convince people to change.

4. List down 5 things about your blog.

    One-   The main language is English. BUT sometimes I also write in Bahasa Melayu.
    Two-   It's not just for mommies but everybody who likes to read my entries.
    Three- It has been transformed so many times. (like other blogs- I guess)
    Four-   The content mostly about my passions in languages (not just English), literature and also ECE
                because I had the first hand experiences when I was actively involved in Peachgrove Playcentre in
                Hamilton, New Zealand.
    Five-    Never had a sticky post since I haven't succeeded yet in doing it. LOL (yes- you can laugh at me)

5.  List down 5 the best entries in your blog.

    Only FIVE? hehehee (as if I have so many :P)
     So......................Here we go:
     One-      Waybuloo: Not a suitable program for Muslim kids.
     Two-      Hafizah and her eczema problem
     Three-    Nak buat burger patties sendiri?
     Four-     I want to jump, teacher! & Mama, open the tv.
     Five-      He's not like Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar

6.  List down 3 unforgettable memories since you start blogging.

    One-    The first time I wrote an entry in May 2009. It was about "Autumn" in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    Two-    The first time I won the first prize in a contest.
    Three-  The first time I received a tag. The only problem is I can't remember what is it all about. hehe

7.  List down 10 of your favourite blogs.

    It's hard to list down only 10 but I can tell you everyday it's a must for me to check out these blogs:
    Yatie Chomeyl, K.Yong, Isabelle, Fid, Mommy Lyna, GTO, Diyana, Hamizah, fa10 and of course Mummy Yen (or Sati). 

8. How much do you love your blog?

   I love it so much that I can't sleep or eat well if I don't update or even check out my bog almost everyday.
   (WHAT? You can't believe it? It's up to you. hehehe)

9. 3 reasons why other people should always visit your blog?

  One-     I'll try my best to share something valuable almost everyday.
  Two-    I love to read any kind of comments; be it negative or positive.
  Three-  Come and pick up one or two new vocab in English as I know that I don't really use any slang and
               I always try my best to use the standard English. (YUP- it might sound so boring to some people
               but I just can't help it- So, pardon me again)

10.  List down 10 bloggers that you want to tag :

       Ermmmm. To be fair, I'm not going to announce them here but I'll tell them personally.
       (sorry Sati, have to copy your sentence here. hehe)

FUHHHH..................I hope you didn't feel so bored reading this entry from start to finish. What a 
way to end this year (2010). Basically while writing up this entry, there are only about 10 minutes left before the year 2011. I had to take some time to type out this entry as the internet connection was so crazy today. SO..........................if there's any of you, would like to do this tag, you are most welcome. And yes, you can do it in Bahasa Melayu. (ya saya memang seorang yg suka sangat cuba  menterjemahkan dari BM ke Bahasa Inggeris sebab memang tu dah sebahagian dari kerja saya. Harap maklum. hehe)            


Jiey^Mien said...

Happy new year jugok Kak Nur..

May 2011 be a better year for all of us..

mommyYen said...

huhu..can't eat well huh?..sama la kita kakNur,sehari kalau tak jenguk blog memang gelisah lah..

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Kak Nura :) nice sharing!

Btw, i tag u here:


transformed housewife said...

sati: ye ke. hehehe

Molly: thanks for the tag. I've entered the GA.

AlohaMolly said...

hi Kak Nura,

Here's taking up your tag:

Cheers and Happy New Year to u and family :)