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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Series of Amusing Literal Translation- Part 2.


I received some interesting comments regarding Part 1. It seems that there are many of you out there who want to know about some phrases and words which are literally translated from BM or even in other F1 (not Formula One but First Language) to English. So, this is the sequence of the series which will be one of the series in this blog.

  • Sky Juice 
          Ever heard of the phrase before? Actually Isabelle was the one who asked me whether the phrase has
          the similar meaning to "water or plain water". I heard the phrase when I was in the secondary school
          and I thought it is the the accepted terms in English. It actually brings us to other kind of drink which is
          a BAHAMIAN ALCOHOLIC DRINK. You can try to GOOGLE up the terms and you'll find it.

  • Carry the hands
          Fathini told me that one of her teachers in her kindy asked her and her friends to "carry the hands" 
          when they are supposed to "lift up their hands together" in one of the steps for the Indian dance
          during the OPEN DAY 2010. Fathini is like other kids who believe her teachers more than me. I had
          to convinced her that those are not the correct terms to be used. I didn't ask her to tell the teacher that
          she used the wrong phrases as I don't want the teacher to upset her.

  • Pass away            
  •                                                                                                                                                          This is a common phrasal verb mistake among Malaysians. We heard this has been used in jokes but we still are not quite sure what's wrong with these words. If you say "Can I pass away, please", you are actually asking a permission from somebody to go and die or maybe it's even scarier like committing a suicide. It's better to use the other phrasal verb which is "Can I pass thorough, please" just say "Excuse me". I reckon the mistake we make is somehow related to our culture when we have to seek permission to walk in front of people who are older than us.   
 I can just share another three examples here in this entry since I'm a bit tired and sleepy now. Hopefully I will be able to compile more amusing literal translation and share them in this blog. If any of you who are reading this entry, you always welcome to share or ask if you happen to come across any other amusing literal translation.                                                                                                                            


Hamizah said...

seronok baca,nur..
wat lagi n3 gini deh..

isabelle said...

can i pass away?

yesss...why not?? hahaha

fa10 said...

molek jugok buat n3 blajar bahasa ingeris ni, boleh saya cedok ilmu nga awok

kakyong said...

kakyong 1st time dengor perkataan 'sky juice' masa g kfc kat kl masa lepas SPM...

pass away? setakat kakyong kerja, belum penah lagi jumpa staff @ org2 yg salah guna word ni...

transformed housewife said...

sy google jumpa "sky juice" ni sebenarnya cocktail (minuman beralkohol).

Wan Anie said...

malam ni saya dapat ilmu baru.... thanks for this entry nur.

macamana agaknya jika sky juice disedia di hotel, mungkin ramai antara kita yg ingat plain water.

saya ingat dulu memang selalu gunakan tanda 'sky juice' untuk air air sejuk kosong terutama masa kursus, tapi sekarang dah jarang digunakan kut...

Can I pass away? saya ingat dapat dari senario.... memang tak pernah guna/dengar pun sebelum tu

thorough or through Nur?