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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My MIL was in Jejak Rasul 16 Episode 8- TODAY!

Since 1 Ramadhan, we've been watching Jejak Rasul 16 which has a very interesting approach this year. The theme of the program this year is about "Trilogi Suara Kebenaran" (if I translate it, I woud say- The Voices of Truth Trilogy). There'll be three main parts in Jejak Rasul (Prophets' Trails) this year; first is about Mothers Of Believers like Khadijah, Aisyah, Fatimah and etc , the second part is about wars during Prophet Muhammad and the last part is about Jews and Israel.

Today, in Episode 8, my MIL appeared as one of the spoke person who was responsible to share some stories about the GREAT WOMEN during Prophet Muhammad's era, My MIL was responsible of telling some stories about Nubbayyah who sacrificed everything in order to fight in the name of Islam. She was interviewed by Ezzah Aziz Fawzy when she was still working in University of Thoyyibbah in Madinah. We (her children and daughters' in-laws feel very proud ) to see her appeared on tv especially for this special program like "Jejak Rasul". The way she narrated the story abut Nusayybah has made me realized how she has actually try to emulate those GREAT WOMEN in Islamic History.
 It's a llittle bit blur.

BUT here is a photo from my own collection:

I really adore and respect my MIL since she started her career from the bottom i.e. she started as a nurse, then she did her Masters in Nursing in Australia when she already had 4 children and she had to take care 3 of them (including my hubby when he was 12 until 14) and she managed to finally get her Philosophical Doctorate Degree about 4 years ago. She doesn't mind taking care of her SIL (who is now staying with us since she has a serious diabetes problem) and she used to take care of her nieces and nephews who used to stay with her for certain periods of time. 

When I'm telling about my MIL, this doesn't mean that I forgot my own late mum. Of course she will always come first and she is still my NO. 1 idol too. I'm just glad that I have my late mum and my MIL who can really give good examples to me on how to be a GOOD MUSLIM.


Nur said...

honestly im so proud of her sis
she's a gd MIL n ur IDOL 2..
sounds wonderful...

pls send regard to her (as a big fan)ngeeee... =)

transformed housewife said...

Nur: My eldest daughter said , "Opah is an artist now". -it bcs she appeared on tv.

Anonymous said...

=) thumbs up

mila.ibunajihah said...

alah..tak tertengok pula.. nanti nak godek dalam utube la =)

transformed housewife said...

mila, akk dah cari kat you tube tapi belum ada lg.

~jeet~ said...

salam kak, was watching too yesterday, and I must say her emotion was raw and pure, sangat suka cara dia explain..

p/s: another famous penceramah, suara terlebih mendayu sampai kadang2 jadi over..i now ngumpat org tak baik, apatah lagi bulan posa ni, there come to a point i walk out of the masjid because of penceramah yang over macam tu (dari i dok dalam n ngumpat orang tu kan..)...sgt tak best

isabelle said...

fofular gitu!
anak/menantunya bila lagi?

transformed housewife said...

Jeet, that's how she talks to us (her chidlren, daughter/son-in-laws) too. Plus she has been teaching nurses and nurses-to-be for more than 25 years.

Ummi Hanie said...

cayalah k.nur!

aah laa k.nur bila lagi? *wink3x

transformed housewife said...

Belle,, insyaallah. mana tahu ada rezeki nanti. tapi nak kena banyakkan ilmu di dada dulula.

Hanie, Insya Allah. Doa2kanlah. kena banyak menambah ilmu lg ni.

kakyong said...

tahniah.. beruntung berada dlm keluarga yg punya ibu yg hebat & berilmu..

transformed housewife said...

Alhamdulillah KYong. Dpt belajar dan berazam nak jd seperti my MIL.

yatie chomeyl said...

try tgk kat webstite tv3 kot2 ado link hok jelas sikit drpd gmbr hok awk amik tu hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

tu link utk tgk kat website tv3