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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Nasi Lemak! Hot Nasi Lemak!


Today, I would like to share one of my experiences during the fasting month when we were in Hamilton, NZ. About 2 years ago (2008), I remember that we (my friends and I) prepared Nasi Lemak for Iftar organized by the Muslim Club in Waikato University. For the iftar, members from different countries were encouraged to bring and share their special food so we can try the diverse kinds of food. Some Malaysian families wanted to bring a plate of special sweet food (kuih-muih). But there were about 4 families including my family decided to cook "Nasi Lemak" and prepared the dish together.

On the day itself, we started cooking at 8 a.m. (because we broke our fast 6 something). I fried the anchovies and my friends prepared the sambal - i.e. the hot sauce for anchovies. Then, we also added some huge Curry Puffs using roti canai pastry sheets. There were also some fried chickens and cucumbers with lettuce as the salad. The last thing that we had to cook was the rice itself. The special rice cooked with coconut milk, 2-inches of ginger and pandan leaves. By 4.30 p.m., we had to quickly bring all the food to event which was conducted in the hallway of lecture halls.

My friends and I busy preparing the food. 

Frying some chickens and baking some curry puffs at the same time.

During the Iftar, we didn't what was the reaction for Nasi Lemak at the men's site. (Men and Women were separated). But at the women's site, our Nasi Lemak was among the first dish that was sold out eventhough the sambal was quite hot. Some arabs complimented our dish and they even asked us how to cook it. The other dishes were Khabsa from Saudi, Fried noodles and pasta from various countries, a lot of dates from Saudi and Yemen, Beriyani rice from Pakistan, and some other unidentified dishes. (I was not sure what is the name of some dishes). Unfortunately, I can't find the photos of the Iftar itself as I'm using my netbook and the photos are in my hubby's external hard drive. We actually ate some dates and some sweet dishes before we continue to eat after Maghrib's prayer. mula2 ada Msians yg nak mkn terus tapi segan pulak bila yg lain ajak smbhyg dulu baru sambung mkn

This year, my hubby said they'll have the same traditions during Ramadhan. Every weekends, some clubs or some families will organize Iftar's event either in the university or some houses. Malaysian community will also have "Terawih"prayer at some individual houses and after the prayer, there'll be some food. (moreh). So, I don't have to worry so much about my hubby this year. I know that he'll have a nice experience this Ramadhan as we used to have.


e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

seronok jugak berpuasa kat negeri orang bila fikir keenakan masakan kat msia,aduhai..hehehehe

transformed housewife said...

aah. seronok kat luar negara tak sama dgn seronok berpuasa di Msia.

en_me said...

sonoknyer puasa diperantauan kannns..

salamm ramadhann..

Wan Anie said...

maybe kat sana komuniti tak ramai jadi semua berkumpul, macam2 aktiviti during fasting month & raya kan,

kalu di malaysia ni seronoknya tu biasa jer, sama every year...

selamat berpuasa di malaysia tahun ni yer Nur...

raya kat mana tahun ni?

transformed housewife said...

anie: thn ni raya di Qelate.

kakyong said...

meriah sungguh acara begitu..
kat sini meriah dgn morey... lama dah tak join morey.. bg duit jer kat mak utk join morey kat kwsn tmn mak.. tp perginya idak...

en suaminya pulang tak pada hari raya ni... ??

transformed housewife said...

Kyong, hubby sy tak pulang raya ni. Kerja2 dia tak habis lg.