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Monday, August 30, 2010

An unsuccessful Shopping Therapy.


I went out with my two bodyguards (my younger brothers- Aeji and Epit) and Hafizah yg sibuk2 nak ikut walaupun opah dia cakap baik tak yah ikut to PKNS Shah Alam today. I knew that there would a huge crowd during the weekend. Well, everybody is rushing to do Raya Shopping and PKNS Shah Alam is famous with Raya Bazaar. It is one of my favourite shopping spot for raya. It has been 4 years since the last time I went there. That's why I was quite surprised to see some of the changes there.

This morning when we went out at about 11.30 a.m., we thought it was still early. However, we were quite surprised to see there were already a lot of cars especially at the car park. We had to go around few times until we finally found a -not- so-big spot for my Kancil. nasib baik bawak Kancil senang nak parking

Then, we crossed the road to enter PKNS, once again we were surprised to see that there were so many people there. We had to walk inch by inch and the shopping therapy (which I previously planned) became unsuccessful. But, I've promised my younger brothers- Epit and Aeji that they could choose what they want for Raya. So, we still checked out all the booths and we managed to buy one baju kurung for myself, one baju Melayu for Aeji, some clothes for Fathini and Hafizah (she even chose her own clothes!), a pair of new sandals for me, two tudung for my MIL and my youngest sis- Awin and some brooches. Epit didn't want to buy anything though I asked him to choose what he want. He couldn't find anything that he would like to buy.

I didn't take any photos there and I don't think I want to show any of the clothes or things that we bought today. The reason I'm writing about this experience is, just to share my thoughts of having the shopping therapy shouldn't be done during this particular month and before the busy Raya preparation week!
mcmla org lain tak tahu :P I also pity some babies and toddlers that had to follow their parents to the shopping mall. Well, Hafizah was told to stay at home with her opah but she insisted to come along. huhu. I had to carry her since it was quite dangerous to let her walk in the crowd. Luckily I had two strong bodyguards that could also carry Hafizah and also the things we bought. We had to quickly shorten our shopping trip after Hafizah started to complain. She said "I'm tired", "When can we go home, Mama?" and "I'm hungry". (even though she had Fried Rice before we left the house and I also brought along a bottle of water and some cookies for her. huhu)

Now, what about your shopping experiences this year? Where did you go or where do you plan to go? Did you bring along your kids and how did they behave?


mila.ibunajihah said...

LAma da tak pegi PKNS tu..rindu rasanya. K.Nur da beli baju raya ye, saya belum lagi, musim2 raya ni rasanya tak ada tempat yg tak sesak la kak nur, mcm najihah, kalau tak duduk dlm buggy, berdukung la dia, kalau tak dia boleh nak main kejar-kejar dgn kita..biar la sakit pinggang skit hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

mujor ado eji dgn epik leh tolong bowok bare.

kakyong said...

kakyong la ni memang mengelak la g beli keperluan raya time ni.. sbb dah pasti anak2 tak selesa.. & dok ajak balik jer....

rasanya tahun ni pun tak berbaju baru utk raya.. anak2 pulak opah & makcik dah beli.. so cukup la masing2 dah dpt 2 pasang..
cuma nak cari kasut utk anis jer..

mommyYen said...

sian hafizah..sure crowed punya shopping skrang kan Knur,esp skrang sedang sale seluruh negara,tambah2 lagi merdeka day..

Hamizah said...

saya mmg benci shopping dekat2 ry..biasanya dua bln nak raya dah beli baju anak2..malas nak beratur pjg2

Diyana Zulkifli said...

keh keh.bawak anak2 shopping ke kak?saya baru bawak mia ali gi 2 hr lps.haha.haru biru!!jadiknya..sudahnya..apa pn tk beli..hehe.nanti lps blk skolah,baru saya nak gi shoping sendirik ajala..hehe.

Ummi Hanie said...

mmg rumit ckit bwk knk2 ni knur...
mcm hanie ni lg le xde tmpt nk tngglkn depa walaupun skjp...trpksele brangkut smua kcl hubby g xpuas ati la kan?

kami shopping btpringkat2,mklumle ahli kluarga dah pun xabis lg,,,ntah smbg bila,maybe esok cuti mrdeka kot?

isabelle said...

shopping this year x happening la knur.skit2 nak pitam.

transformed housewife said...

Hafizah tak nak duduk dlm buggy dah Mila. Dia kalau boleh nak berdukung je.

Tulah Tie. Nasib baik ado budok duo ore tu.

Budak2 mg cepat bosan dan rimas bila keluar shopping tempat sesak kan Kyong.

transformed housewife said...

mmg sesakla kat mana2 pun Sati.

Sblm ni tak de masa nak keluar shopping Hamizah. terpaksa keluar weekend.

Kalau tak payah bawak anak2 lg senang Diyana.

transformed housewife said...

family besar lg susah ye. kena keluar banyak2 kali ye Hanie.

Knur ada baca pasal Belle asyik nak pitam tu. susah jugak tu.