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Monday, August 9, 2010

How do you know that you are exercising too much?


I read some interesting articles about over-exercising on THE STAR today. The articles are basically about some people who can be addicted to exercise or in other words, they are over-exercising. Well, frankly speaking, I'm not one of them. (because I seldom do any exercises these days. malas dan mcm2 alasan lg:P) My parents-in-law are more active than me because at least once a week they'll go to an aerobic session with their friends.

We all know that any doctors would advise us to exercise BUT there's a limit. Some people just don't know how to stop or they think they need more exercises or else they would feel stressful. Some Hollywood celebrities have this problem just because they want to make sure that they will always look good on the red carpet. So, if you want to read the articles please click this "Addicted To Exercise" and "Sweat Sensation".

Here are some excerpt from the article "Sweat Sensation" that might be useful:

TEN signs that you’re exercising too much (in no particular order):
1. You feel a flu coming but still head out to the gym to get as much as you possibly can. After all, if you’re going to be sick for a couple of days, you better work harder in advance.
2. A family emergency has cropped up but you’re still trying desperately to fit in a two-hour workout sometime during the day.
3. You feel guilty, anxious, restless and depressed if you have to miss a day at the gym.
4. You spend 45 minutes on the treadmill everyday. If, for some reason, you’re in a rush and can only afford 35 minutes, you try and think of how you can make up for the lost 10 minutes: climb the stairs at work all day or skip dinner, perhaps?
5. You would rather exercise than spend time at the movies with your friends.
6. You feel tired all the time.
7. Your legs feel heavy, your resting heart rate is high, you get tired faster and you can’t seem to push yourself as hard as you used to.
8. You think you can actually feel your “muffin top” getting bigger just because you missed a day at the gym.
9, You can’t seem to fall asleep easily at night.
10. You experience little or no sexual desire. Seriously, you’d rather exercise.

My form of exercises these days is only when I have to stand in the LRT every morning from Tmn Bahagia tu KLCC and then walk to the office which I normally take about 10-12 minutes ( brisk walk). Other than that, maybe running up and down the stairs at the office to go my classes. (there are three levels there) I miss those days when I was actively practicing Taekwondo 2 times per week about one hour per session. (it was about 9 years ago. huhu) I had to stop practicing Taekwondo after the same injury on my left knee kept recurring. I basically broke the ligaments on my left knee and I couldn't walk for about 2 months when I fell. I had to take a-two-months-leave from my previous job it almost jeopardizing my record. (yelah masa tu kerja bawah kerajaan, kakitgn kerajaan kan hanya boleh ambil cuti bergaji tak lebih dr dua bulan).

Since Ramadhan is approaching, most of us would never think about exercising anymore right? But for me, I will just do the normal walking activities (I mean to go to work) and also running up and down the stairs. Whatever we do, even it is stated in Islam, DO IT IN MODERATION.


mila.ibunajihah said...

salam kak nur, ni bukan setakat exercising too much exercise addict pun dia jugak ni hehe =)

kakyong said...

kakyong sejak dok rumah ni dah jrg buat senaman yg proper... selalupun berpeluh2 sbb menjerit kat anak2 & buat kerja2 rumah la.. mop lantai cuti toilet etc.. mujur le kain basuh mesin... ;) tu yg semakin mengembang jer.... hihiii.. bila la nak kurus ni...

rindu gak zaman bujang dulu.. ada masa utk line-dance, aerobik... eerkkk, kena aerobik dgn anak2 kot...

Hamizah said...

saya exercise lbh kurang 1jam sehari.jarang miss.Kalau miss mmg ada symptom2 yg disebutkan.buat tu utk kesihatan sbb byk masa rileks..Tapi tak urus juga..mungkin byk makan kot..hehehe

Nia said...

masalahnya kak...saya bukan over exercise..sgt kurang exercise..hehe..haru betol!

Drama Mama said...

haaa i would never hafta worry about overexercising. sebab i ni langsung tak exercise! pemalas tul lah!

transformed housewife said...

mila: aah ni pun jenis yg addicted to exercise.

kyong: boleh je aerobik dgn anak2. sy selalu juga buat bila sempat.

Hamizah: exercise bukan utk kurus semata2 tapi yg lebih utama utk kesihatan kan.

Nia: sbb tu cari peluang buat kat tempat kerja. naik turun tangga tu bagus.

Drama Mama: sometimes u don't realize that u are exercising.