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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Excuses, excuses and just another execuses.........


I can't help but sharing what some the excuses given by my students for not doing their homework especially this fasting month. They just use "fasting" as the major excuse for not paying attention in class, being sleepy and refusing to do any homework. I normally don't give homework everyday but every alternate days or sometimes only 2 times per week, I'll give some.

These are the excuses:

1. "Teacher, we are fasting so we are tired". My reaction was "During Prophet's Muhammad, they fought in the name of Islam and didn't think twice to go to war". ni duduk dlm kelas, belajar je pun penat. yg kita cakap tak berhenti2 ni tak penat. isk3x
2. "No more tests please teacher because  we can't think when we are fasting". Then my reaction for that was "Your brain can still work even when you are fasting, so please stop whining". sebenarnya diaorg tak boleh merokok, jd bila puasa terus jd mcm tak berapa cerdas akibat tak dpt merokok.
3. "We need some break because we are tired to learn for three consecutive hours". For this one, somehow I pity them and of course myself. So, I normally give them some break about 5 minutes in between. Though they normally take longer.

I'm just ashamed to my non-muslim students because they seldom complain. I normally have problems with some muslim students who don't want to pay attention and sometimes just wasting their money and time in the class. WHY can't we as MUSLIMS show the good examples? Supposedly, we have to show to non-muslims that fasting will never affect our daily activities and we should show that we are strong physically and mentally to perform this ritual. Why do you reckon about this issue? Have anything to comment on this?


dbalkis said...

Agree..Yang beriya belajar tu bangsa lain. Tak tau la bila bangsa kita ni nak sedar. Tengok je IPTA siapa yang bersungguh2 dean list selalu. IPTS tak yang cakap la? Siapa yang lebih mampu? The rest ke mana???

transformed housewife said...

itulah. sbg pendidik, kita dah cuba sedaya upaya nak bg diaorg sedar. tapi diaorg juga yg kena berubah.

Hamizah said...

bila puasa tanpa iman,beginilah keadaannya..diorg ni tak kuat mental..

yushida03 said...

puasa as excuses.. malu la woi..

i used to score better in my exam during fasting month.. we skip the meals so meaning more time to study.. during my so called budak pandai schooldays la.. now dah not-so-pandai anymore..

but serius, as a muslim, malu la if using fasting as an excuse.

transformed housewife said...

Hamizah: itula bila puasa diaorg asyik dok ingat tak boleh mkn dan minum dan letih.

Yushida: That's right. Fasting is not supposed to be an excuse for anything in fact.