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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

After a week in Ramadhan, how far have you achieved? (A self-checklist)


It's been a week since we started to fast this year. When I looked back since the first day, I realize that I haven't achieved so much. Each Ramadhan I aim to achieve some targets in order to become a better Muslim and I'm sure it applies to every Muslim out there. As we all know, Ramadhan is the best month to train our self.

So, here's my own checklist: (this list is not for bragging but just as a reminder)
  • I just managed to finished one chapter in Quran. (banyak lg nak habiskan, tak tahu sempat ke tak ni)
  • Sometimes I still can't hold my tongue and avoid from talking about other people tak nak mengumpat tapi kdg2 terlepas cakap :P
  • I haven't donate anything yet this year and I'm thinking about those unfortunate people like poor people and orphans.
  • There were some nights when I skipped the Terawih Prayer. For example, tonight- because both my daughters are not feeling well. So I determine not to skip the prayer anymore- if possible.
  • My last target is to be sincere in doing all the good deeds and I hope that Allah will bless my family and I.
Now, what about you? Do you have any targets or aims for this Ramadhan? If yes, I would like to hear from you too.


isabelle said...

hmm..byk yang x terbuat rupanya. bila abis ramadhan, baru nak nyesal.duh!

transformed housewife said...

itulah Belle. Knur ni pun nak mengingatkan diri sendiri je.

kakyong said...

byk yg tak terkejar nak buat.. namun cuba jadikan bulan ini sbg bulan utk membetulkan diri..

jaga lidah dr talking abt people.. ALhamdulillah, sbb dok kat rumah.. hanya melayan kerenah anak2.. jrg juga gebang2 dgn jiran.. jd rasanya dah lama x umpat keji orang... berbeza bila bekerja, kita jumpa ramai org/kawan.. maka memang tak dpt lari nak ter'mengata' @ tercerita tentang org2 di sekeliling kita..

yatie chomeyl said...

erm tu la, dulu ingat maso buje..wpon period..dey jugop khatam quran bule posa. lo ni..nok perabih 1 juz pon slow