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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The tiring battle against Pediculosis Capitis.


Pediculosis capitis[1] (also known as Head lice infestation and Cooties[1]) is a human medical condition caused by the colonization of the hair and skin by the parasitic insect Pediculus humanus capitis—the head louse[citation needed]. Typically, only the head or scalp of the host is infested, although the disease can occur in other hairy parts of the body, like leg hairs[citation needed]. Head lice feed on human blood (hematophagy), and itching from lice bites is a common symptom of this condition.
I'm having a battle against these creatures AGAIN after my daughters brought those uninvited guests! ARGGGHHH. This may sound insignificant to some people, but for me this battle seems so tiring as this is not the first time they brought home those uninvited and unwanted guests.

I reckon most of us know how to combat the headlice. We just need to wash the infested head with the specia headlice shampoo and comb out all the louse. Hopefully after a few applications, my daughters head will be freed again from Pediculosis Capitis.


yatie chomeyl said...

keno kutu lagiii budok 2 ore tu? isk3x

kakyong said...

baru baca kat blog syamila pasal kutu ni.. rupanya anak adyani pun kena kutu... tak selesa bila ade kutu ni...

Nur Misnan said...

salam Nur
still remember when i was young
i got lice on my head
gatallll tuh.. then mak sapu ubat kutu der...

after that, LEGAAA.. dah hilang
standardlah.. masa zaman sekolah duduk asrama..huhuhuu

transformed housewife said...

Cik Tie- yes, keno lg!

transformed housewife said...

NUr Misnan- ni anak2 kena dpt dr nursery diaorg. huhu

transformed housewife said...

K.Yong- penat betul bila anak2 kena sbb kita yg kena basuhkan rambut, cadar etc.

Jiey^Mien said...

hoh.. obersea pun ado kutu.. tingak ko crito the nanny..

Diyana Zulkifli said...

kepala budak2 bersih tkde kelumumur..sbb tu kutu suke..;).kutu ske tmpt bersih.bukan mcm kepala org besau,brminyak..kutu tk ske

dulu mak saya geram sgt,sampai penah spray kepala kiterang dgn ridsect...ganas btul.langsung tkde kutu naik dah..huhu.rambut gugur la tapi.hmm.jgn tiru.bukan amalan spatutnye tu.mak saye geram sgt masa tuh..hee.

transformed housewife said...

Jiey- Knur balik doh dok Msia ni. anok2 terjangkit kat nursery.

Diyana- sadis tuh guna ridsect. knur masih guna syampu kutu lps tu sikat kutu.

david_dvdson said...

hey. i just want to say that steel comb does really work. but you have to take soooo much time so that you get rid of it all. there is a product i know that takes care of
head lice just like a walk in the park. you guys should check it out if you want to get rid of your headlice