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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I would say NO to Halloween theme party!


At the end of this month- October, people especially in US will celebrate Halloween. WHAT IS HALLOWEEN? I reckon most people know what we normally see during Halloween.

Among the traditional celebration of Halloween is a "trick-or-treating", "ghost tours", "bonfires", "costume parties", "visiting Haunted houses", carving Jack-o'-lanterns ", reading stories and watching horror movies horror. (source:

There are many contradictions in the celebration of Halloween on the religious angle. Among them, this festival is a danger of over confidence on the date of October 31, the gap between real world and the spiritual world is rather vague.  Reliable on Halloween night is the night where the soul back home to visit their relatives and next of kin. Halloween night is the night to consider the fate of the act of divine destiny and believe it is clearly contrary to the teachings of Islam. There are many other celebrations and rituals during the celebration of Halloween activities that conflict with Islamic beliefs.
Core to the celebration of Halloween is also contrary to Islamic teachings. Halloween celebration early history is based on the belief that the spirit of an evil spirit who has the power to destroy crops and could make someone sick.
 In conclusion, the culture and practice of celebrating Halloween is prohibited by Islam. This is because the festival consists of the elements of ritual and religious beliefs of Christianity.

Well, for one thing, I don't like it when my colleagues use the Halloween theme for the Graduation Party this month. They ask the teachers to dress up according to the theme. I know that I don't have to follow or adhere if I don't like it BUT they make it sound as if it's compulsory!  I will stand on my believe and I have to say NO! I WONT DRESS UP OR PARTICIPATE IN CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN. When it comes to Aqidah (FAITH), I won't have any second thought at all. You can call me being narrow minded, too rigid or anti-social but just don't force me to do things that are clearly prohibited in Islam.

The other reason, I just again don't understand why there are so many Muslims being so liberal about this and participate and celebrate this celebration? Is it just for fun? What is the fun of dressing up horrendously like ghosts, witches or painting your face with scary make up? Do we have to be so liberal that everything is okay? 

I'm sure I will get some negatives and may be positive(?) feedback regarding this. And I know it's not 31 October yet but since the sort of theme party in my work place is next Friday, I want to write something about this TODAY!  This thing bothers me so much because some of the committee members that is organizing the party are so called Muslims. And I have told them my stand on this but they still are going to go ahead with their plan.


Nur Misnan said...

salam Nur
aku pun tidak suka dengan Hallowoooon tuh..
apa kes.. ini style org bAraT.
but aku dengar di Msia
ramai orag2 kita suka celebrate
party ini.. termasuk yg stay di luar

so guys.. hati2 dgn costume anak2 kita
jgn kerana anak2 bersekolah International luar negara
kita ambik perkara ini dgn mudah...

yatie chomeyl said...

sek duk Msia koya nok jadi ore putih retep, ore duk obersee tok teringin lasung sambut.
koho ngarut doh Msia lo ni..x reti mikir doh belako, main ikut koksir kokde

Hamizah said...

org kristian OZ jarang yang sambutnya..
sbb budaya ni berasal dr US sebenarnya

Nia said...

kita memang tak leh celebrate pun, kan kak. iee,..bahaya perkara2 mcm nih.

transformed housewife said...

Nur Misnan- mmg jd ikutan kat Msia pulak budaya dr US ni. huhu

transformed housewife said...

Tie- meme ramai koya. ingat kalu nok tunjuk kito ni open minded, keno sambut perayaan2 ngarut lagu ni.

transformed housewife said...

Hamizah- negara2 lain meme tok sambut. ni kat Msia ni hok heran sikt, bakpo sungguh nok sambut.

transformed housewife said...

Nia- mmg tak boleh sambut tapi ada yg beria2 nak sambut tau. Tu yg tak faham tu.

kakyong said...

masa kakyong study dulu dr sek men sampai la masuk u & kerja.. x penah terpk pun hal ni org islam nak celebrate... adeiii, wonder sungguh la dgn org/pihak yg buleh ade idea mcm ni....
dlm hal ni memang tak leh bertolak ansur langsung...

transformed housewife said...

dunia skrg dah kacau bilau K.Yong. takut betul sbb nampak mcm dah akhir zaman.