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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teacher, TOILET! (When he wanted to say "Eau De Toilette)


I'm just want to share what happened in my conversation class today. My students were asked to present a conversation based on "Shopping topic". They were divided into groups of three. They could choose what kind of shop as long as there were one shopkeeper and two customers. One of the groups chose a "Perfume Shop". The shopkeeper of the group brought some samples and bottles of perfumes. (I just found out that his father has a perfume shop in KL). The other two played the customer's role.

Their conversation went like this:

Shopkeeper: Welcome to our "Nice Smell" sir. What can I do for you?
Customer 1: Hmmm. I want to buy a perfume. What do you have?
SK              : We have many types and brands sir. What do you like?
Customer 1: Do you have POLO?
SK              : Yes. Do you want the old or new one?
Customer 2: I want to buy one too!
SK              : Of course. What do you like?
Customer 2: Like my friend. POLO.
SK              : Okay. Here are POLO perfumes, Toilet.
                      (Suddenly he stopped the conversation because he had to ask me, "Teacher, this TOILET?)
Me              :  Well, yes but it has other meaning.
   (Then, I spent a good 10 minutes to explain the difference between Eau DeToilette and Eau De Parfum)
    They continued with their conversation after I finished my explanation. )


Parfum (French) or Perfume (English): may contain 10-25%, even 50%, active ingredients.

Eau de Parfum ( French )or eau de perfume (Franglais): may contain 7 to 15%.

Eau de toilette (French), also called toilet water, cologne, or eau de cologne, usually contains about 1–6% concentrates.

Eau de Cologne has also been called less concentrated than eau de toilete.

Splash (also called eau de toilette splash) and aftershaves usually contain 0.5 to 2%."


You can see why there can be a misunderstanding when the name TOILET WATER does exist but it refers to totally different thing. The common meaning is what we know can be stinky BUT another one has a nice smell and can be expensive. :D


Aleyn said...

Come to think of it..ya lor

yatie chomeyl said...

minggu lepas beli sebotol kecik eau de toilet body shop..sembur sikit2 jah sbb mahal kui3x

Nadiah Sidek said...

1st time dgr istilah toilet water. kalau tak tahu mmg salah anggap la..hihi..

Affieza said...

Haha...kalau sy kt tmpt K.Nur mesti gelak sakan dh ni..hehe

Lizan said...

tapi antara dua tu sebutannya pun lain jugak kan cikgu... ker sama?

mommyYen said...

kak,jom join GA saya..

transformed housewife said...

Aleyn: :D

Tie: body shop meme mahal po bedil

Nadiah: lps ni tahula apa maksudnya.

Affieza: akk selalu tak nak gelakkan anak2 murid sbb diaorg masih nak belajar jd diaorg tak tahu.

K.Ijan: sebutan nak dekat2 sama.

Sati: ok. nanti akk masuk.

isabelle said...

yg stinky tu xde sapa pun nak spray kat baju.
awat la diorg x bagi nama lain ek?

transformed housewife said...

belle: tak belajar Bhs Perancis. jd tak tahu kenapa namanya TOILETTE. hehe