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Friday, July 1, 2011

GOOD NEWS! Cabinet rejects Astro's rate hike (source: NST)


I noticed this good news on NST today. I reckon most of us, the Astro's subscribers, have received the letter informing us about the new price for Astro's subscription. The hike is somehow is going to affect our monthly budget and that means we might want to consider some other options since we are not earning more since the salary hasn't be revised. huhu.

This was the news:

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has decided not to allow pay TV station Astro to raise its rates until the company gets clearance from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.
He said the matter was discussed at today's Cabinet meeting and that the members felt it was not appropriate for Astro to raise its rate at this time.

"I agreed that Astro's rates could only be hiked with MCMC's approval and that any hikes must be reasonable and conform to the law," he told reporters after chairing his ministry's post-Cabinet meeting at Angkasapuri here.

He said Astro had violated MCMC's regulations by issuing notices on its rate hikes to customers without the commission's clearance.

"As such, I have asked MCMC to take appropriate action and instruct Astro not to continue with the rate hike until such a time deemed more suitable.

Explaining what he meant by "appropriate action", Rais said this was up to MCMC to determine and that it could be a fine with the amount as allowed under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Astro recently announced that it would be streamlining the packages it was offering, which would take effect on July 11.

According to Astro, following the streamlining exercise, customers could make savings of between RM4 and RM14.95 or pay nominal increases of between RM1 and RM15, depending on packages preferred. -- BERNAMA

My reaction:
If the minister himself it has been rejected, how can they still implement the new rate? Hopefully we'll receive a new letter from them telling us that the hike is cancelled. If NOT, I might consider the other options like using UNIFI or just terminate the subscription since we normally watch tv during the weekends. During weekdays, we are normally don't have time to sit in front of television. Our daughters might miss the PHDC, but now they have other options like watching DVD from their portable dvd player or my hubby will download their favorite program from the internet and then transfer it to their dvd. WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU THINK ASTRO WILL DO NOW?


mommyYen said...

me,still thinking nak terminate or cuff-off pakej je kak..memang cekik darah..

Sitisifir10 said...

Saya tak pasang astro...dah bodek2 encik hasben pun dia kata nanti tua sikit... :P skang ni kena kasi anak2 dewasa dulu hukhuk

transformed housewife said...

Sati: mmg cekik darah.

Pijah: bagus jugak. kami ni dah psg tapi bila harga nak naik mcm geram je sbb bil elektrik pun baru naik dan kami rasa jugak kenaikan sbb kami skrg ramai yg tinggal kat rumah ni. huk huk.