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Sunday, July 3, 2011



In my previous entry on Friday, READ HERE I told you about our plan of introducing some of Malaysian Traditional Games. Though not all of the games that we introduced were new to them, at least they could learn some new things. Due to the fact that we only had 2 hours and not enough man power to organize a bigger event, (there were only 2 of us as the organizer), we managed to pull it off.

The event started at 9.15 as we waited for most students to turn up. While waiting for them, we prepared the venue. It was not really the BEST venue but we just had to do it at the nearest place to our building. We didn't have lushes green field as our location was at the GOLDEN TRIANGLE of KL. We used masking tape to mark the lines for TENG TENG, the plastic rope to tie the feet and some sllippers for slippers throwing game.

Students can choose which games they wanted to start first. We divided them into 3 different stations so that they could try and play. I was in-charged at TENG TENG (HOPSCOTCH) station. I gave some demo first before they tried it out. They were some enthusiastic students who managed to complete one round without tripping or falling on the floor.

Most students were interested with LARI KAKI TIGA (THREE-LEGGED RACE). They found it more amusing and challenging. Our initial plan was to include KAKI GAJAH (ELEPHANT FEET) but we lost our coconut shells. So we couldn't introduce a race on coconut shells which are tied to a rope. If the game was there too, it would have been more exciting! However, the race was a hit too when so many students wanted to participate. We decided the winners of each race by clock-in the BEST TIME. We had asked our good friend, teacher Oliver (a FILIPINO) to be in-charged at this station. He claimed he had fun too!

The last station was the BALING SELIPAR (SLIPPERS THROWING) game. It was supposed to be played when there was two opponent teams. BUT we just didn't have enough time, so we only set up the place where they could try to knock down the SLIPPERS PYRAMID to earn 1 point. The class that scored the highest points won. This station received the least participants as the game was quite boring for them. The distance was challenging because it was like few metres away. They found it hard to knock down the pyramid when they had to use a slipper too. Only a handful of students could knocked down and earn some points. I also tried to knocked down the pyramid but I failed few times. hehe.

By 10.20 a.m. we wrapped up everything and moved to the third floor to prepare for the graduation event. It was among the best experience for me this year and I certainly gained some lessons too. Here's a photo of the board that we also had to decorate this session in line with the SPORTS THEME.


Sitisifir10 said...

uihs....seronoknya dah tua2 dapat yg rasa nak beranak ramai2 lagi boleh dapat dua team main tuju kasut :P

Mama Zharfan said...

it looks so fun!!! happening tu :)

singgah dgn niat meraih undi utk my lil Ariff--kalau sudi..tqvm!

yatie chomeyl said...

comey nyo deco photo board tu. sapo buat?

transformed housewife said...

pijah: skrg dah ada 5. kena tambah lg 5 la. hehe

MZ: fun but tiring. nanti sy tlg vote.

tie: cikgu mudo. kijo knur cari info dgn print artikel utk board tu.

Affieza said...

Can't imagine when foreigner play Malaysian Traditional Games...hehe..

SyidaGorjes said...

ofis akak kat megan phileo ke?

transformed housewife said...

Affieza: diaorg suka main.

Syida: aah. kat Megan Phileo.