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Monday, July 18, 2011

Young kids should be banned from................ (copied from Molly)


I love to read Molly's blog. She has so many interesting ideas and stories that she love to share. Today, she has challenged the readers of her blog to write up a list about what are the things that young kids should be banned from. If you want to see her list, please GO HERE.

So, here is my list;
 Young kids should be banned from:

1. Going to bed so late.
2. Watching unsuitable movies, dramas or even disturbing commercials.
3. Eating too much fast food.
4. Owning any latest gadgets because they don't know the limit.
5. Having their mothers to do all the things for them.
6. Being rude to older people.
7. Picking up the abusive language.
8. Memorising without understanding what they are learning about.
9. Having the access to the internet without their parents supervision.
10. Being a couch potato.

All right. I guess those are the things that I can think of for now. I'm inviting you to come up with your own list or just continue from my list there. It's going to be interesting to read your ideas too. THANKS MOLLY for the tag.


Ummi Hanie @ AnNisa Fadzil said...

yup ! agree your list ;)

dbalkis said...

Adoi kak..Dhani dah master list 1-4..huhu..being away from him, I cant control him for those 4 things...

yatie chomeyl said...

nanti kalu free, nk buat retep ahh

Diyana said...

kak..couch potato tu camne..?[blink2 dgn mata innocent ^^]

Nia said...

interesting....need to crack my brain utk buat list..hehe..

transformed housewife said...

Hanie: tambahla apa2 yg patut.

Dyg: why don't you ask ur husband to help you out?

Tie: buatla.

Diyana: nanti akk buat entry.

Nia: okay, I'll read your list when you do it.

AlohaMolly said...

hi Kak Nura, thanks for sharing your list :)

I especially agree with no. 8
the norm with the education right now..


transformed housewife said...

Molly: happy to do the list ;)

Lizan said...

sejak pergi tadika ada jugak adam tersebut perkataan yang tak elok contoh macam stupid.jadi dan2 tu tegur dia sebab dia tak tahu maknanya main sedap ikut2.