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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Survived after 30 hours stuck in a car.

July 9th, Kelana Jaya - She is not young but she is still quite strong. She has a lot of strength and courage. Sometimes she can be lazy due to her nature.

     Yesterday she had the most terrifying and puzzling moment when she was stuck in a car for almost 30 hours. Nobody realized what had happened to her. Her family members searched her high and low to no avail. They just assumed that she decided to run away or she took her own sweet time before she returned home. Though some of her family members still worried and tried to find her in her usual spots. After 24 hours, some of her family members thought that they could hear her somewhere. The last resort was, the younger family members called her all over the house and suddenly.................she appeared! She was stuck in one of the cars parked at the porch. They quickly saved her and  they realized that she was weak but still alive. She was given some water and some food since she had to fast for 30 hours. She acted weirdly too when she kissed the walls and the floor after she was freed from the car. Her family members were just as relieved as her because they didn't want to lose unless they knew what really happened to her. She couldn't disappeared into the thin air.

       SO...........WHO WAS SHE? heheheh SHE WAS THE BELOVED CAT IN MY HUBBY'S FAMILY. Her age is about 15 years old. She is a Persian cat with nice fur. Want to see her? Check out these photos.


 (she's quite shy)

news source: Private News Agency


AshAnas said...

mule2 baca, ingat ke anak sape2 terperangkap dlm kete masa rusuhan... huhu. alhamdulillah kucing tu selamat... sian die...

kak nur, rindu la... lama sgt cuti bw... shira dh update blog... harap semakin rajin update lps ni, hehe...

Wan Anie said...

alahai... kesian

yatie chomeyl said...

nasib baik OK. btw, berani doh ko pege kucing tu lo ni?

Sitisifir10 said...

uik...k.nur takut kucing kah?? rugik2...ehehehe

puanbee said...

besar kucing ni pemalu lak tu hehe

transformed housewife said...

shira: hehe. bukan anak sapa2 pun. kucing tua.

anie: kucing ni mmg selalu curi2 masuk dlm kereta.

Tie: berani doh :P

PIjah: bukan takut, penyegan. hehe

Puan Bee: mmg boleh tahan besar.