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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Couch Potato


 This is a special entry to answer Diyana's question regarding my list of "Young children should be banned from". She asked "What is the meaning of couch potato?".

I'll provide two photos that I took from GOOGLE image first and then there'll be a simple explanation about the term.

Photo 1

Photo 2

The meaning(taken from Urban Dictionary):

1. a lazy person who does nothing but sit on the couch and watch television(see also sofa spud)
     Please don't lie around like a couch potato. Get up and do something productive.

2.  Someone who lies on the sofa every spare moment of his/her life, watching television and normally    eating.
                 "You're such a couch potato!" 
 *this term is actually a slang and it's commonly used in American English.

I included the term "Couch Potato" because I don't want our young children to have a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, we really have to make sure that our children should be banned from being a couch potato. It's not a healthy thing to do and it has more bad effects on children. (as well as on adults)


Nadiah Sidek said...

oo..tu rupanya maksud couch potato

Nia said...

ertinya gaya hidup tu tak sihat kan kak?

MSMMMR said...

what is the bad effect?

kakyong said...

owh, baru tahu term ni...

sebaiknya jgn ajar anak makan depan tv.. tp kat rumah ni pun kdg2 terlepas juga, anak2 makan roti @ biskut depan tv... huhuhh..

btw, now dah kena buat restriction hr utk anak2 adap TV @ tgk VCD..

Zuwairi Aiman said...

Salam kunjungan.. blog menarik ;)

Lizan said...

ni maknya yang buat, tapi time budak2 tidur la.. sbb selalu pesan ngan adam jgn makan kat sofa nanti bersemut..jadi kena la buat nyorok2..hehe

Diyana said...

ooo eh...hmm.tq kak.panjang lebar penerangan akak.dh paham dah ;)