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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Abusing husband while sleeping.

Petaling Jaya - A wife in her early thirties has been reported for abusing her husband while sleeping. She was caught beating up her husband several times at night. Her husband did not suffer from any serious injury but he was curious on what was the reason for the beating up. When he asked his wife, the woman could not recall on the incident and denied that she hit him. She did even remember having any nightmare as she was in a deep sleep the night before. She claimed that she was too tired and it was possible that she had a nightmare she coudl not recall. The husband decided not to take any action against his wife since it happened only once and he also did not experience any injury.

The woman asked her husband to forgive her for the incident. Her husband happily accepted the apology but he warned her not to be physically involved if she is having a nightmare again in the future.

-Source: ("NOT BERNAMA")

P/S: can you guess who is the wife and who is the husband? hehe

1 comment:

Wan Anie said...

Mimpi apa sampai pukul2... mesti duk bertarung dengan org jahat ke kan?

Siapa ni?

Balas dendam, kalau sakit hati pukul tapi buat2 lar mengigau... haha isk tak baik :)