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Friday, November 11, 2011



What's my motive of using today's special date as the title for this entry? hehe. Just a simple thought that a lot of people like to use this kind of date to organize something special like being engaged, getting married, or to deliver a baby (caesarian).

I don't really anything special today. It's just the normal Friday for me. I'm just excited about tomorrow's getaway to Teluk Kemang. My hubby is going to attend a course. My daughters and I tag along because my hubby is given a room.

Have a nice weekend everybody. I just hope that I'm going to be okay during the journey.


yatie chomeyl said...

teluk kemang tu mano?

Diyana said...

kak,tarikh 111111 ni jg catat kenangan pahit utk rombongan sekolah dr kulim ke genting hglands ..yg eksiden kat behrang tu..sedih sungguh.terkejut saya sbb sekolah 1 daerah dgn sekolah fatihah utk arwah cikgu hajar dan 2 org murid serta sorang lg tu..huhu

Lizan said...

Sambil2 toman suami sompek laie poi mandi laut... selamat berjimba-jimba yo...hehe

kakyong said...

wah bestnya dpt g PD.. ;)