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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It can't be a mid life crisis!


I just found out this morning that my immediate boss is leaving soon. I was quite shocked to hear the news. He is still new as he came to the centre early early this year. Now, he said that he has to move on so that he can gain other experiences in other place. Well, he received a good offer from the Ministry of Education to be one of the mentor for English teachers in primary schools.

When I asked him this morning, "Why are you thinking about changing your career". Well, he is already has a good position, good salary every month and nice working environment (according to him). BUT his answer was really intriguing. He said, "I want my CV to look interesting when I have more experience in different places since I have been working for this company for 7 years". "Plus I want more challenges". The first thing that came across my mind when he told me his reasons, was "Is he experiencing a mid life crisis?". He is not that old because he must be in his mid thirties. (not really sure the accurate age). He might even be younger than me because if I have been working since I finished my first degree, I should have been working for 10 years!

Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques and used in Western societies to describe a period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the "middle years" or middle age of life, as a result of sensing the passing of their own youth and the imminence of their old age. Sometimes, a crisis can be triggered by transitions experienced in these years, such as extramarital affairs, andropause or menopause, the death of parents or other causes of grief, unemployment or underemployment, realizing that a job or career is hated but not knowing how else to earn an equivalent living, or children leaving home.
(quoted from WIKIPEDIA)

Most of my colleagues agree that we are going to lose a very kind, considerate and nice boss. I can claim that he is one of the BEST boss I ever had. His approaches to solving problems are always flexible and open for discussions. We don't know yet what kind of BOSS that will come to replace him. I can only pray that I can still do my work as usual without major hitches. Oh....I hate it when things change BUT it's part and parcel of life.

Have you ever experienced any changes in your workplace that you feel difficult to adapt to? How do you handle things?


luahfikiran said...


kakyong said...

rasanya dia ada reason tertentu... kakyong ada kawan yg suka jump job every 3 years.. reason sama mcm ur bos tu la.. dia nak CV dia nampak interesting...

some people are just unique.. but this kind of people normally jenis yg always shining walau di mana mereka berada... ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

muda2 lg jadi boss doh

isabelle said...

a boss who is a pain in the a**?
just grin and bear with it.

transformed housewife said...

kak yong: dia muda lg. nak cari byk2 pengalaman.

Tie: memela sbb dio mat saleh. company tengok warno kulit. huhu

Isabelle: I hope I can grin and pretend to bear with him/her.