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Friday, November 18, 2011

TBR: Dinner and Family games. (Part 3)


There was no continuation yesterday since I was caught up with my work. So, today I want to share 2 more events that took place at night (1st day) and in the morning of the second day. I hope that I don't bore you with the series of TBR. hehe

There was a simple dinner event that took place near the water park area. My husband didn't know that there was a theme for the dinner. It was a "black and red" theme. I wore pink headscarf, flowery t-shirt and jeans. My daughters wore red t-shirts (just a coincidence). My hubby went up to the room to change his t-shirt when he found out about the theme. He came back with his black t-shirt.

Basically the event itineraries are some speeches, lucky draw prize giving and a karaoke competition. The food? Again I don't want to tell more because it was too plain. We didn't even care to take photos of the food. When the dinner took place, there was another event not far from the place. There were some games and also karaoke session going on at the Pavillion stage. My daughters were more interested to go to other event. So, after we received the unexpected lucky draw prize, we decided to go back to our room. My daughters were just happy to return to the room especially after we bought some 'glow-in'the-dark' items for them.

Family Games (after breakfast on the second day):
 The games was one of the most awaited event since it was the best way to get to know other families. Since there were about 100 staffs, we didn't have time to get to know everybody unless we've known each other before.

They divided the games to 3 games for children, 2 games for men and 2 events for women. Fathini was excited to join the games for children. But Hafizah refused to take part. She even hugged me tightly and screamed when I brought her to the starting line. So, we didn't force her since the emcee for the day also said something about not forcing any kids. huhu. When it's Fathini's turn, she happily joined the other kids who were much older than her. The other games were for kids from the age of 6 to 12. The first game was to carry a box to the other line and shake their body and bring back the box with a small ball inside. Fathini's group won the third place. For the second game, they had to pass balloons filled with some water. The group that managed to get the most balloons left (without popping them) won. Again, Fathini's group won the third place. I guess winning was not the main purpose for her and the other children because they were happy as long as they received something at the end.

 The preparation before the games and the emcee.

Look at how Hafizah refused to take part!

Fathini and her new friends.

During the games

The next game was for the men. They had to stand in groups according to the coloured ribbon given before the games started. There were about 7 groups altogether. My hubby was part of the orange group. It was a hilarious game and exciting game to be watched because each of them had to put on the sarong, put a ball in between their thighs, held a banner (written with "Charlie Chaplin") and then walked from the starting line to the the other line and passed everything to the next member of the group. We couldn't stop laughing all the way when they were doing the tasks. Some were so clever in balancing everything and some walked so slowly because they didn't want to lose the ball. At the end, my hubby's group won the fourth place.
The men's first game

The next game was for the women but I didn't participate because I had a slight headache that morning. I just became part of the audience and the cheerleader to Fathini and my hubby. The first for the women took a long time because they had to line up and moved according to the number that on the die (a big one) they had to toss. It took about a good 20 minutes before they could select the winners. Then, few minutes later, they continued with the last game for men. This time they asked the men to searched pebbles with some letter on each one and rearrange the letters to form 3 words. The words were "Tiara Beach Resort". It was not easy for the men to searched the pebbles in the pool as they had to dive in and spot the pebbles. This time my hubby's team didn't win anything because they couldn't complete the words. Lastly, the last game for the women took place. I didn't really pay attention to the game anymore since my daughters couldn't wait to get into the pools.

 By 10.30 a.m., the games were over. Thus, we took the opportunity to dip in and explore to another pools that we didn't go to the day before. My hubby swam and enjoyed himself in the water while I was playing with my daughters. Fathini also found a new friend in one of the pool. Her new friend, Alia even asked her if she wanted to join her at the water slides. When Fathini (and Hafizah also tagged along), went up the stairs and then came down through the water slides, I was kind of  worried. I still think that they were too small. However, they managed to do it and they had the joyous moment. Well, almost it became one of their joyous moment. Hafizah then cried and said that she was scared.

I should just stop this TBR seried here BUT I still have the last part. The last part is not about TBR anymore. It's about a special museum that we went to on our way back. I have to share that next week because I need to upload some interesting phtos related to the museum.


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wah enjoy nye Fatini..seronok la dia kan kak..bermandi manda lagi tu.besss,..

Zie Fauzi said...

salam,kak.. sihat ke.. lama betul tak singgah sini..

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menarik ade family day mcm nih...

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