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Monday, November 7, 2011

The LGBT issue: A heated debate.


Last Friday while I was waiting for the next class, I had an interesting debate with a colleague about the LGBT issue, particularly related to their annual event "Seksualiti Merdeka" which has been banned by the authority. I didn't realized that I talked to someone who defended the deviant group.

So, the little debate went like this:

I said:
Do you know about this issue? (pointing at the Seksualiti Merdeka banned news) 

He said:
Yup. Why?

I said:
I just don't understand why do they want to have this kind of event here. It's like promoting and finding a way to legalize their way of life.

He said:
What's wrong with that? Don't they have the right too?

I said(was taken aback first with the response):  
You mean the right to feel so proud of their deviant way of life?

He said:
Who are you to judge them? Have you ever look into a mirror and see your own reflection? Do you think that you are so pious that you can put down some people who are little bit different?

I said (I smiled first before answering):
I'm not condemning them as human beings but I condemning their sexual preferences. It's totally against Islamic teaching. Even if they are not Muslims, the other religions are also against this. They need to go back to human nature.

Before we could continue our discussion, our immediate boss came into the Faculty room and announced something. We didn't have time to further discuss the matter up until today. I have to admit that now I'm not comfortable to discuss anything serious with him anymore. I just hope that he only 'supports' the group and not part of them. I can only pray for him to see the truth.

I guess you also have your point of view about this. As far as I'm concern, if we only use our own thinking without going back to religion, we will find so many excuses to say something is not wrong according to the logic thinking. This is not about logical thinking but about your faith and of course how you lead your life.


yatie chomeyl said...

ore tu islam ke dop hok bual dgn kak nur tu?

transformed housewife said...

islam Tie.

Syigim said...

i love ur last paragraph, kaknur. really sums up why 'seksualiti merdeka' is just wrong. well said.

kakyong said...

Owh.. kalo kakyong pun malas nak bertekak kalo org mcm tu.. memang susah kalo berpk semberonon & tdk ikut asas agama & fitrah semulajadi manusia..