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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Having certain accent doesn't make you a fluent English speaker.


Fluency in English is somehow being falsely associated with having certain accent. At least that's what most of our students think when they first registered to learn English in our centre. They have this notion that when you can speak English with certain accent like American accent, you can be fluent in English. Some even ask, "Which accent do you teach here?". Our response is, "What?". "We don't specialize in teaching any kind of accent".

You can speak and sound like "Barrack Obama" or "Queen Elizabeth" but what makes you become fluent is the practice. Practice makes perfect is always true when you want to be good. So, stop thinking about "learning" certain accent because accent can't be learned but must be acquired!


yatie chomeyl said...

try bui kiwi accent sikit, baru ngango sore2 hahaha

kakyong said...

nak tanya Nur..

adik ipar kakyong minta ajarkan/tuisyen BI utk anak2nya.. darjah 6 dan form 2 next year.. apa yer nak emphasis utk budak2 nih.. grammar lah kan...

nak ajor berbual kah? tetiba rasa mcm blurr jer.. bukan mudah nak mengajar BI nih.. lebih2 lagi kat budak2 sek...

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

tapi ada jugak orang yang jenis perasan bagus, konon terror laa ckp ada accent tu :)hehehe


sekarang akak keja mana? traning kat mana?