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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Concert 2011: Tadika Aladdin's Open Day.


Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.  ~William Stafford

I guess what William Stafford said is true because when we look at children especially those under 7, they like to dance and sing so much. They will learn and remember faster when they sing and dance to the beat. 

That's why most kindergarten will organize a big event to celebrate and showcase the children's talents in singing, dancing and giving speech. 

Tadika Aladdin, my daughters' kindergarten had organized an unforgettable event two days ago, Sunday 30th October 2011. They had trained the children about 3 months before and did few rehearsal to make sure everything went smoothly. 

The event started from 9.30 and ended by 12 noon. All parents and relatives of the children attended the event to give their full supports and to witness their talents.

The emcee: Puan Aini started the event and then she called Puan Rina (the owner) and the other teachers to come forward.

Next: the award giving ceremony to 6-year-old-children.
In the picture: Fathini is receiving her Excellence Award.
Later: Some speeches in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin were given by some selected students.
In the picture: Fathini is giving the welcoming speech in English. 
(yup, I know I only upload her picture. What can I do? I'm so proud of her :P )

Then: All of the children sang a welcome song in BM, English and Mandarin.
In some pictures: Hafizah in her cute little costume like an island girl.

The next event: Dikir Putri by the boys from 6-year-old class.
(some of them forgot the steps that they didn't really have the synchronized movements. maybe they were nervous)

The nursery dance "I like to move it"
Their ages are from 2+ to 4 years old. 
(Hafizah remembered all the steps but she didn't even smile and looked so serious)

After that, some children sang "Choun Ai". A Mandarin song about love.
(Some kids remember the lyrics some were just mumbling or pretending to sing along)
5 year-old girls were presenting an Indian dance with the teacher's guidance. 
We saw some interesting movements using hands and feet. 
The next performance was rather physical. They performed KUNG FU with the Kung Fu OST as the background music. They were from the other branch of Tadika Alladin.

Then, it's the 6-year-old- girls time to perform their special dance.
They were dancing with "Nobody But You" song as the background music.
(As usual, Fathini  was among the girls that could really follow the beat and was quite good in dancing)

 The last song was AULD LANG SYNE in English, BM and of course Mandarin.
Their teachers also joined them to sing together and saying good bye to the audience.
We had a marvelous time watching the performances. Everybody came to support Fathini and Hafizah. So, their grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunties and cousins were there to celebrate their special day. Next year, we will only watch Hafizah as Fathini is going to primary school.

P/S: hope that I didn't bore you with the stories.


yatie chomeyl said...

i'm so proud of tini too... mace2 dio masuk. bravo tini

mila.ibunajihah said...

wahh..fathini pya confidence level mmg tggi, adik malu2 lg kot..:)

nur said...

nice story... rasa mcm saya pun ada kat event tu :)

Lizan said...

comel nyer semua... tini nya lagu sama macam adam ek.. takde video ke nur.. suka tengok budak2 kecik ni gelek2..

transformed housewife said...

Tie: dio meme berehi mugo2 ni.

MIla: maybe sbb diaorg punya perangai lain sikit. Tini dah berani cakap depan org. Adik dia mmg malu sikit.

Nur: it was a nice event.

K.Ijan: Nur tak sure nak upload video kat sini. selalu tak menjadi. huhu


tadika mana ne??